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Why a minimalist content strategy is the best way forward

How to develop a minimalist content strategy

Content consumers today are constantly bombarded with information and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to convince them to stop and read an article or blog post.

The key to an effective content strategy lies in your ability to express your message in a clear, concise and accessible format to your reader. Enter the minimalist content strategy.

What is a minimalist content strategy?

At the core of a minimalist content strategy is the base assumption that less is more. If you hope to get your message across to readers, you have to present it in a way they will understand. Create something that goes down easily, using a clear tone, direct vocabulary, and an easy-to-follow format. In other words, your text needs to get to the point without sacrificing the overall quality of the content.

When you present readers with a steady stream of articles packed with big blocks of text that overuse high-minded, academic vocabulary, you are alienating your audience. Readers will quickly lose interest in the article and your intended message.

A minimalist content strategy is more shareable

A minimalist content strategy is more shareable

To create a meaningful experience for the reader, you need content that is not only accessible, but also attractive and eye-catching. Make use of images, videos, and infographics to create something stimulating that readers feel motivated to share on social media.

How to plan your minimalist content strategy

The first step to implementing a minimalist content strategy is defining your core message. Take the time to carefully consider how you wish to present your brand to the reader. This is easier said than done and if ignored, can lead to an overly-ambitious message that’s confusing to your audience. Hiring a content agency is often the best approach to finding your direction and developing the perfect message for your target market.

Your readers want quality, not quantity

Focus on creating content that your readers want to read. No more blocks of keyword-saturated text that focus purely on search engine optimization (SEO) at the expense of the quality of the content. Moving forward with a minimalist content strategy will make you consider what your readers are really after, and what kind of message they will respond to.

Write articles your audience wants to read

Write articles your audience wants to read

By pumping out high-volume, low-quality content, you won’t create the kind of long-lasting readers that care about your brand. Readers want your unique perspective and expertise. Be honest about your vision and show them what you really have to offer.  

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Nikole Hyndman
Nikole is a writer and editor at VeraContent. She holds a B.A. in Political Studies and Spanish from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, and a Master in Governance and Human Rights from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Since moving to Spain in April 2014, she has worked in English academies, interned at a leading Madrid think-tank, and worked as a journalist.
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