Léo Moulinas meshes marketing expertise with a unique understanding of what recruiters look for in the modern job market. According to him, it can be incredibly useful to demonstrate an understanding of data science in order to stand out in the marketing recruiting process.

After earning his MBA in the U.S. and working in various marketing functions throughout Europe, Léo became the marketing director for EMEA at Hays, a global recruiter focused both on candidates seeking jobs and on organizations looking to hire. 

In this interview, Shaheen Samavati asks Léo how marketing has evolved in the past twenty years, how he ensures that his company’s various audiences feel heard and engaged with, and how aspiring marketers can successfully catch the attention of employers. 

You can watch the full conversation in the video above or on YouTube, and listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify.

Rapid-fire recs

  • Source of inspiration: Seth Godin. “He promotes the idea that marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but rather about the stories you tell. To be a successful marketer, you must build a connection with others, and even reach them emotionally. Seth has several inspirational TED Talks on fascinating topics.”
  • Favorite app: Waze. “It’s great for navigation and very useful for commuting.”

“Anyone with skills in data-led marketing isn’t going to have too much trouble finding a good job nowadays. Try to gain new experience, and develop a skill set that spans both data science and creative marketing.”

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This post was edited by Jamie Albert.

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