Argentina-native Estefania Veira has always had a creative side. She started her career as an independent producer and director in Argentina, taking on various roles from screenwriter to editor and distributor. Estefania then moved to London in 2013 and continued working within the film industry, where she co-founded a talent management agency, Connor Management. As she developed the agency’s branding and communications, she discovered her passion for marketing. 

Estefania’s last role within the film industry was with Creative Media Skills, where she worked first as the operations and marketing manager and then the general manager. Estefania realized she could be creative with her acquired skills from the film industry and apply them to marketing. She officially made the career change after completing her diploma in professional marketing from The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Today, Estefania is now the marketing campaign manager at global law firm Clyde & Co, where she heads up the campaigns team. She’s worked on several global thought leadership campaigns for the company, including Resilience, which focuses on climate change, digital transformation and post-pandemic risk, and played an integral role in the deployment of podcasts globally across the firm.

Tune in for the full episode as Estefania chats with Kyler Canastra about her move to London and her journey from film to marketing—plus her insights on how to be a better marketer and important skills needed.

“The way that you approach your work will make or break you. Most other skills can be learned.”

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Rapid-fire recs  

  • Productivity hacks: 
    • Work with objectives rather than tasks: “I stay organized by having a plan and a list. Not a list of tasks, but a list of objectives of the day. It’s nice to tick tasks off the list, but I think it’s better to work with objectives.”
    • Pick up the phone: “Whenever you’re working on something, and you have a question, sometimes it’s nice to just pick up the phone and have a five-minute brainstorm with someone. This can save you hours of long email exchanges.”

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