Navigating the world of marketing, especially nowadays when the majority of us are working online, can be challenging. But like many leaders, Rob McGlanaghy has channeled his energy towards his internal sales and marketing teams—prioritizing his time to constantly enable them on the latest content, product and industry trends.

After years of working in the marketing industry in Dublin, Rob now works as a global marketing campaigns manager at TIBCO, where he manages all global communications related to the organization’s analytics portfolio while overseeing the end-to-end ownership of a lead’s journey through the marketing funnel.

In today’s episode, Rob joins Kyler Canastra to discuss the importance of a human-centered approach to marketing campaigns and the essential habits that promote productivity.

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Rapid-fire recs  

  • Industry events: Forrester’s SiriusDecisions event: “SiriusDecisions are a great B2B organization who host sales and marketing conferences and produce great content for marketers; I was really lucky to attend the 2019 edition in London in person. As I mentioned earlier, the SiriusDecisions campaign framework is something that I found hugely important and helpful for me, in terms of structuring campaigns.”
  • Recommended reading: “Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches” by Carlo Ancelotti: “I’m a big football fan. There’s one manager there, Carlo Ancelotti, who has a great book that I recently read and it’s all about quiet leadership. He’s quite a reserved character, but when he speaks, you listen. He has that kind of aura about him. And his book goes into detail around how he carved that out for himself, how he garners that respect of his team… So when he speaks, they listen.”
  • Productivity hack: Exercise: “I started to treat exercise almost like a meeting that I can’t miss. So I’d have an hour in the day where I’d get outside for a walk or run or cycle, or just something to get me going. And that enables me to be more productive in the afternoon.”

“It’s not only a marketer’s job to project the voice of the company externally, but also internally; you’ve got to enable your teams on what the latest programs are going on.”

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