When Leonardo Oliveira started at Vodafone in 2018 as senior global brand and media manager he was tasked with setting up the foundations so paid search and paid social could be managed in-house.

His experience working both for agencies and in-house for other brands put him in a great position to give Vodafone a competitive edge. He even wrote a comprehensive manual on how to most effectively advertise on each social media platform that can only be used internally. 

Shaheen Samavati interviews Leonardo in today’s podcast episode, touching on the evolution of social media, the sensitive climate when it comes to associating with social media platforms, and tips on how to protect your brand.  He also shared some of his tips and tricks on how to measure the performance of your advertising campaigns.  

You can watch the full conversation in the video above or on YouTube, and listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify.

Rapid-fire recs

  • Books:
    • Paid Attention by Faris Yakob. “I enjoy it because it looks into the overall ecosystem and not just one specific format and network. It’s about how brands try to get attention from users in multiple ways and look into the creative side, the message, the call to action and so on.”
    • Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. “It’s about how the brain works in two different ways or rather two different speeds according to the environment and the needs. The better you realize that, the more efficient you will be in your communications.”
  • Online learning course: Mini MBA by Mark Ritson. “It’s great for effectively understanding what you really know and what gaps you have. He has vast experience working for major brands across the globe, so it’s really interesting.”
  • Industry events:
    • WFA Events. “They hold regular events for advertisers to share strategies for growth, understanding opportunities and debating challenges in the industry. They also inspire marketers with innovation across the globe.”
    • DMEXCO. “This is one of the best events in the world—they have all the major players there. They also have the advertisers and agencies sharing their experience and learnings, what they can do and what the challenges are.”

“Measuring social media advertising is critical for brands to understand the ROI on every single platform. For instance, Facebook might be a great channel for performance based campaigns but it might not be good for awareness campaigns. As marketers, we should be looking into the bigger picture and aim to find the best channels and platforms to achieve our goals.”

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This post was edited by Jessica Farmer

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