Assistant Account Management Intern

Reports to Head of Business Development

VeraContent is a multilingual content agency specialized in creating and localizing content for brands operating in different language markets. We offer content creation, creative translation, social media localization and design services to companies worldwide, with a focus on European markets. 

As an Assistant Account Management Intern at VeraContent, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside our Head of Business Development—helping them with client communications, developing sales proposals and assisting both clients and Project Managers with obstacles and new projects. 

Other responsibilities for this internship include sending out client-satisfaction surveys, setting up periodic client check-in calls, assisting with company-wide sales initiatives, and more. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Account Management:
    • Setting up client check-ins with assigned client accounts regarding their satisfaction through one-on-one meetings and quarterly surveys
    • Sharing client feedback with the relevant Project Managers and making sure client concerns are addressed
    • Assisting with creating project proposals for new and existing clients
  • Sales:
    • Quickly and persuasively responding to inbound requests following our established inbound sales procedures
    • Scheduling calls and preparing proposals for potential clients who meet client criteria (based on their own research)
    • Documenting all contact with leads and clients in our CRM, reporting results, analyzing data and communicating with other departments to ensure goals are met

Skills,Traits & Competencies

  • Organization: Able to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively. Able to multitask and maintain a global perspective of all ongoing leads and client needs.
  • Communication: Able to nurture and develop client relationships. Able to comfortably liaise with a team of Project Managers to develop solutions and tackle new projects. 
  • People person: Able to connect with future and current clients, making them feel at ease and valued. Able to keep an open mind and be fair when mediating.
  • Critical thinking & creative problem solving: Able to consider an issue from multiple perspectives in order to find the solution best suited to the situation at hand. 
  • Proactivity: Able to anticipate potential complications or problems, and adapt a plan or workflow accordingly.


  • Ability to comfortably liaise with our international clients in English and Spanish. Outstanding verbal and written communication skills, especially in English (and a third language is always a plus!). 
  • Background or demonstrated interest in creative fields, such as marketing, writing, editing or transcreation.
  • A recent graduate of a relevant undergraduate or graduate program in the fields of business and/or sales. Relevant work experience, especially at a creative or translation agency, is also a plus.
  • A strong interest in growing as an account manager.
  • A motivated self-starter who is always looking to grow, learn and improve. 

To apply: 

Please apply on our website choosing “Assistant Account Management Intern” as the “desired position.”

If you would like to contact us with any additional information, you can send an email to

Only applications made through the website will be considered, and we’ll only contact candidates that are chosen to continue the selection process.

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