Christinne Cuyugan is no stranger to the world of apps. After working in Vienna for six years for Runtastic GmbH, one of the leading health and fitness apps, Christinne made the leap to sunny tech-hub Barcelona in early 2020 to work for Drops, a top language learning app, where her work centers around app user acquisition and optimization.

Shaheen Samavati interviews Christinne in today’s podcast episode, touching on app store marketing tips for Google and Apple, and how she prepares for a day at the office as a freelance consultant.

Tune in to hear the full interview as Christinne also discusses the challenges of establishing a growth marketing business in the midst of a pandemic, and why she sees it as a necessary part of the journey.

You can watch the full conversation in the video above or on YouTube, and listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify.

Rapid-fire recs  

  • Favorite app: The app that fights food waste, Too Good To Go. “I’m using this app all the time these days. Currently, restaurants are still facing limitations due to lock down, so this app is a great way for them to get rid of their leftovers and things they didn’t wind up using that day.”
  • Productivity hack: “Every morning I try to get a morning beach walk in (when there’s no lockdown). It’s so calming and puts me in a great mood to start my day. Then after that I do a 10 minute self standup which really helps me organize what I want to do for the rest of the day.”

You can make anything work if you really want it—and it’ll be worth it. All of the hoops you have to jump through will be worth it. It’s going to be hard and there are a lot of things that will maybe discourage you, but have a good plan and then forget about all of the ‘what ifs’ and just do it, because again, it will all be worth it.

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