Laura Uslar has seen firsthand the value influencer marketing can bring to a brand if leveraged properly. While some may assume the main goal of influencer marketing is to strike deals with mega influencers for reach, Laura explains why building long-term relationships with smaller, up-and-coming but more authentic influencers can also be a successful, if not better, strategy for brands.

As the global brand and 360 communications manager for a cosmetics company within LVMH Group, Laura is responsible for coordinating with all of the brand’s global markets and facilitating the creation of native content tailored for each of the brand’s platforms.

Laura joins Shaheen Samavati on today’s episode to discuss her role and set the record straight on misconceptions about influencer marketing. She also explains why natural and spontaneous content is key for successful influencer marketing, especially on platforms like TikTok.

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Rapid-fire recs  

  • Favorite apps:
    • Instagram. I’ve always enjoyed this app, and I love the more modern features like being able to save photos and create different collections. It helps when I want to reference something but can’t remember it off the top of my head. I can just open my phone and flick through my collections to find what I want.
    • TikTok. I started going on the app more for entertainment during lockdown. It’s fun, but I just browse. I don’t post anything myself.
  • Productivity hack: Utilizing Instagram collections. “Not only does it help me reference things quickly, but it’s the best way to source and classify social content, talents, influencers, trends”
  • Role model: “I’m inspired by those who are not afraid of success. I love working with inspiring and motivated people who are passionate about the work that they do and seek to move things forward and create change.”
  • Resources
    • Business of Fashion. “It’s a great idea to have a broad idea of what’s happening in the fashion world.” 
    • L2: “I use it at work. Their newsletter always has super interesting cases.” 
    • Other media outlets. “I’m always checking digital media like i-D, Vice, Dazed, Vogue, Antidote.”
    • Girl Boss Radio.It’s a podcast of interviews from different kinds of successful women about how they built their careers.”

TikTok’s algorithm is completely different. The content is so spontaneous and so authentic and that’s what really works. It’s super important as a brand to not get caught up in the idea that the content needs to be perfect. Instead, be open to working with younger creatives and try to be more authentic and natural.

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