Carlota Pico recently had the chance to interview Michael McGoldrick, senior corporate marketing manager for the EMEA and APAC regions at MRP. MRP Prelytix is one of the world’s leading account-based marketing (ABM) platforms, connecting streaming real-time intent data and predictive scoring to truly personalize cross-channel marketing actions. Michael talked about the growing influence of technology and data in marketing, the intricacies of working in both European and Asian markets and the essential importance of timing—in both marketing and life in general.

You can watch the full conversation in the video above or on YouTube, listen to the podcast on Apple and Spotify, and read our recap below.

Key takeaways

  • Data and AI allow today’s marketers to solve problems more effectively and efficiently. Platforms like MRP Prelytix analyze data instantaneously and inform account-based marketers on what channels to use, when to trigger engagement, buyer contactability and more.
  • Timing is crucial in marketing. If you don’t reach a customer at the moment they need your product, you’ve missed an opportunity. Predictive intelligence platforms need to provide real-time results so that marketers can base their decisions on up-to-date data.
  • Marketers across Asia are no less innovative or savvy than their Western counterparts. They do have different hurdles to overcome, primarily regarding the delivery and distribution of digital marketing material due to connectivity issues.
  • A common mistake that Western companies make when expanding to Asia is painting the whole region with the same brush. Asian countries and markets are vastly diverse, and having local experts who know each language and culture is vital for localization.
  • Delivery of a fully integrated marketing strategy, regardless of market maturity, relies on robust orchestration. This means considering the “total messaging experience” for each account, rather than just ramping up the noise with more broadcast messaging.

If you’re not basing decisions on real-time data, you’ll always miss the “right time” and you’ll always be off message.

Rapid-fire recs

What’s your source of inspiration?

No one has inspired me more than my former manager and mentor, Jaime Romero. He really helped me realize my potential, and his instruction and guidance ignited my passion for the account-based marketing industry.

A valuable resource, publication or event?

I think The Drum is at the top of my list of publications. It calls on the industry to consider the effect its work has on the world at large, and it’s a fantastic source of insights.

Your favorite app at the moment?

I would say it’s Microsoft Teams. I have it on all the time and it really helps me connect with everyone I work with across our different markets. It’s definitely invaluable to me.

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This post was edited by Rishabh Agrawal, a freelance content creator based in Madrid.

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