Payal Raina recently joined Carlota Pico to talk about her role as global head of marketing at Torstone Technology, a leading cloud-based post-trade technology company offering SaaS solutions. Payal discussed how brands can improve the customer experience, the unique advantages of working for a fast-growing and agile company in the fintech world, and why leveraging human emotions is the secret to improving your marketing strategy—no matter what industry you’re in.

You can watch the full conversation in the video above or on YouTube, listen to the podcast on Apple and Spotify, and read our recap below.

Key takeaways

  • When you work in marketing, it’s important to be a people person. Human connection and interaction is at the heart of it all; everything revolves around collaboration with customers, partners and internal teams.
  • Being able to relate to and understand your customers on a personal level will always give you a competitive edge. With Torstone’s investment banking heritage, the firm seeks a deep understanding of clients’ challenges, pain points and desires, which has helped them thrive—even in the face of a pandemic.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a unique advantage in that they’re more agile than larger companies, with a quicker turnaround time. From inception to go-live, they can complete projects almost four times faster than larger organizations.
  • When it comes to the customer experience, fintech companies should be mindful of three key things: creating a clearly planned customer roadmap; making sure different technologies aren’t siloed and departments can exchange essential information; and using data to improve strategy.
  • Tech companies can bank on CX trends by using cloud-based technology (which is vital for avoiding siloed “martech” and preserving data in the event of a disaster) and leveraging tech to detect human emotion (which B2C brands like Disney, Kellogg’s and Unilever are already implementing in their space). They can also offer an omnichannel experience for customers, which has proven critical in 2020.

Customer feedback is gold. It helps us stay ahead of the curve, to understand our clients’ wants and needs, and to better adapt our business strategy and plans.

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This post was edited by Mary Kresge, a freelance content creator based in Madrid.

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