1. What is creative translation?

Great translation goes beyond the words on the page. Creative translation, or transcreation, means taking the original “source” text and recreating its message and impact in the final “target” language.

Creative translation transmits both the meaning and the feeling of the source text to the target audience, ensuring that audiences are able to enjoy your content in their own language, exactly how it was meant to be understood.

2. Why does creative translation matter?

In an increasingly globalized world, you need to make sure you are speaking to your audience in their own language.

With the careful effort that you have put into creating your content, it deserves to be appreciated properly in all of your global markets.

Consumers prefer to interact online or in real life with text in their own language; in fact many will only do so. Don’t miss out on connecting with any of your target markets because of careless translations.

3. Why choose VeraContent?

At VeraContent we pride ourselves on providing our clients with polished content translations and transcreations that faithfully transmit your brand’s message and ensure that you can connect with each of your target audiences on their own level.

With extensive experience across sectors from travel and lifestyle to education, business and tech, we have the right tools to allow you to say what you mean wherever you are.

The translators in our hand-picked pool of linguists are local experts capable of capturing and adapting every nuance of your text.

4. How does VeraContent work on creative translation?

VeraContent will assign you a dedicated Project Manager to be your point of contact throughout the project. We study your voice and your goals, to ensure we understand the message that needs to be conveyed to the target audience.

All of our translators have been through a tough selection process and the text will be edited by a second native editor, all the while preserving the tone and imagery of the source text.

We never submit anything we’re not sure about – as we work we will contact you with any doubts or clarifications so you can be confident your content is in the best hands.

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