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What we did:

Mapp Digital was launching a trilingual e-guide named “Retail of the Future” which explores the current retail market and where it’s heading—shifting to a balance between physical and online stores.

This campaign was launched in English, German and Italian, and they requested our help in several ways, including writing, editing, translation, localization and graphic design.

First, we wrote both the intro and closing chapter for their English campaign. We were also asked to rewrite chapter 3 (pages 11-14) entirely, as a previous client had written it and it wasn’t up to their standards.

Then, we adapted all the content of the e-guide into Italian and German, including the additional chapters written by the client’s partners. One of the sections was written in German, so we translated it into English and Italian (see links above).

We also wrote an article for their blog about Chapter 3 (Alpenite), and translated it into Italian and German (see links above).

Lastly, we helped design the e-guide, and localized the designs for each language.