“What I’m most proud of is when we launch content campaigns that are successful locally and people have no idea that the global division was involved.”

French-native Bertrand Serrano chats with Kyler Canastra about his entrepreneurial journey into content marketing, and how he ended up at his current role as global marketing manager at Danone. Bertrand says he was always drawn to the world of marketing, communications and advertising, and started in that field because a friend connected him with a strategist looking for a trainee.

Bertrand then co-founded Paris-based advertising agency, VERSUS, as some of his closest friends were creating a company and Bertrand had just left his job. After a seven-year run at the agency, Bertrand embarked on a new path and is now working in the global dairy division at Danone, a former client. 

Tune in to this engaging interview as Bertrand discusses the key lessons he learned from both agency life and working at one of the world’s largest dairy companies. Highlights include why we should always stay true to our long-term vision, refer back to the fundamentals of marketing, and create locally relevant content.

In fact, Bertrand tells us that Danone is going through a major transformation right now, under the slogan local first. Listen in to hear all about it.

“You don’t speak to people in Russia like you would to people in Brazil. Everything has to be adapted to the local markets, from the content to the channels. And this is what we are after.”

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Rapid-fire recs  

Source of inspiration:

  • Mark Ritson. “He’s a marketing professor who I deeply admire, and I encourage everybody to read and watch everything he does. He’s a no BS kind of guy. And in our discipline, that’s something rare enough to be highlighted.” 

Best books:

Productivity hack: 

  • Get the basics right by learning the fundamentals. “We love to believe we’re inventing new stuff. But a lot of people have done great work before us, that we can take and apply or evolve. I think reading essential books like ‘The Long and the Short of it’ or ‘How Brands Grow’ is already securing a solid 2/3 of what your job is about. And it frees up your mind actually. Because if you get the basics right and know how they work, you can then focus on the rest. So make sure you tick these boxes because it’s an easy win.”

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