Linda Ghabain recently sat down to chat with Carlota Pico about her role as global social media manager at Nilfisk, one of the world’s leading suppliers of professional cleaning equipment. Linda talked about how the current situation has forced marketers to pick up their pace and create content under pressure, her previous experiences working across Scandinavia for companies like Flying Tiger Copenhagen and Helly Hansen, and how she balances managing 300+ channels for her current company.

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Key takeaways

  • When creating content, always keep in mind the reason for posting and who your target audience is. Additionally, be mindful of the channels you choose to explore; just because certain apps are popular doesn’t mean they’re right for your brand.
  • When it comes to strategy, setting up a new channel is not a quick fix. It’s a process that requires you to take into account important aspects like community management, social customer care, reporting on analytics and other performance metrics.
  • The future of marketing—and a lot of other things—is as uncertain as ever. But in the face of uncertainty, agility is key to survival. This year has proven that marketing teams can, and must, work faster. In other words, “Done is better than perfect.”
  • Video content has recently been dominating across platforms. Some notable examples include Facebook investing in Giphy and LinkedIn rolling out the Stories feature in addition to pushing more video events and video calls. Webinars have also been wildly popular this year, as face-to-face meetings have become impossible.
  • When a feature on one platform does well, other platforms tend to replicate it. However, those features shouldn’t necessarily be used, especially if content on other parts of the platform can still be improved. Content creators should hone in on the quality of the content on their LinkedIn news feed before diving into Stories.

Right now people in digital are working more than ever before. That’s one thing that you can’t really quantify, but you can see the value of.

Rapid-fire recs

What’s an app or tool that you can’t work without?

As a social media manager, I have a ton of apps on my phone, so it’s pretty hard to pick one. Right now I would choose a social media management tool called Falcon. I’ve been using it for six years, and I prefer it to other similar tools mainly because their customer service is fantastic.

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A marketing influencer who you follow?

I follow a lot of influencers and brands that I think are doing well on social media. I also follow a lot of news outlets. Nowadays, I regularly check the website and social media channels of WHO to get the latest updates on the current situation. 

A valuable hashtag, resource, event or group?

Well, the hashtag everyone is following right now is #COVID19, unfortunately. In terms of an event, I love Web Summit.

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This post was edited by Mary Kresge, a freelance content creator based in Madrid.

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