Carlota Pico recently talked to Paris-based Michelle Keomany, global corporate social media manager at Pernod Ricard. The global wine and spirits company has a portfolio of premium international brands including Absolut Vodka, Jameson Irish whiskey, Mumm Champagne and many others. Michelle, whose background is in copywriting and strategy, told us about leaving her native Australia to start a new chapter in France, navigating cultural nuances across global markets, and creating engaging content that won’t break the bank.

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Key takeaways

  • Being a global social media manager requires you to communicate not only “fun” content, but important things as well. For instance, Pernod Ricard focuses much of its content on themes like sustainability and responsible consumption.
  • Creating a cohesive brand portfolio is a central part of any global social media strategy. Pernod Ricard makes sure to publish content that’s aligned with its brand, with the goal of generating the same level of awareness that the brands in its portfolio have.
  • The company’s mission statement is “créateurs de convivialité” (“creators of conviviality”). This belief in the importance of fostering friendliness is one thing that sets Pernod Ricard apart, while also attracting like-minded customers.
  • In addition to public-facing channels, the company leveraged LinkedIn’s Elevate platform (before it shut down) to disseminate content internally. Internal channels can help with recruitment and retention, which are important for brands of all sizes.
  • Having a small social media budget isn’t usually a choice—but it can be. Being frugal and taking advantage of free tools can save your brand money, and sometimes it’s important to choose the best platforms for paid promotions and skip the rest.

People are craving news and want to know where brands stand on things like public policy and sustainability, so it’s important to be a part of those conversations.

Rapid-fire recs

A valuable resource or event?

Right after I left Australia, the Meetup group Content Melbourne was launched. Although I’m far away, I follow them on Twitter to see the topics they’re covering and who the speakers are. There are also lots of Meetups like this one in cities across the world.

Your favorite app at the moment?

I love Canva, which I recently found out is headquartered in Australia. It’s a free app that allows you to create content for social media (among other things) really easily! You can use it on your phone or desktop.

I also listen to a lot of NTS online radio throughout the workday, and they have a really good app as well.

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This post was edited by Mary Kresge, a freelance content creator based in Madrid.

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