From studying in New York to migrating to Israel for over 20 years, Yamit Nissanov gives her global perspective on attribution marketing at AppsFlyer. Yamit discusses creative virtual events including webinars, deminars (virtual product demonstration videos) and newsletters, which she utilized to rapidly digitize virtual events during the pandemic.  

As senior regional marketing manager for EMEA, Yamit emphasizes the importance of local languages and cultures to Shaheen Samavati for successful localization efforts at AppsFlyer, which has expanded globally from 200 to 1000 employees since 2017. 

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Rapid-fire recs

  • Productivity hack: “I love creating lists—I keep many on my computer. At AppsFlyer we also use a task manager called Asana which is really helpful to keep track of all of our different markets, tasks, deadlines, priorities and signees.”
  • Group or publication: Medium and Mobile Dev Memo. “Medium has great content that I like to read around marketing and professionalism and Mobile Dev Memo has a lot of industry related content, updates, webinars and news.”
  • Software tool or app:
    • AppsFlyer
    • Splash. “Over the years, I’ve become a guru in using it. it’s a really cool event marketing platform that I have used over the past four years extensively.”

“I’m an optimistic and positive person. Our company always reinforces the fact that a challenge is an opportunity. Also, having to do everything digitally teaches you how to become creative and it opens up new challenges that eventually become opportunities.”

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This post was edited by Jessica Farmer. 

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