One silver lining to the difficult year we faced in 2020 is the impetus it gave for creativity. The worldwide lockdown inspired global marketing consultant Flavio Stiffan to launch the Creative Lab, a coaching and video broadcast studio in Munich where he and two of his freelance collaborators broadcast a live, bi-weekly marketing-focused show called The Creative Minds, covering creativity topics related to the use of video for marketing projects.

His business, Stiffan Consulting, specializes in global marketing analysis and strategy creation for branding, product launches and content development.

Check out his conversation with Shaheen Samavati where he also discusses lessons learned over his 20 years in sales and marketing, the evolution of the way we consume information, building customer loyalty, working across cultures and the growing importance of video marketing.

You can watch the full conversation in the video above or on YouTube, and listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify.

Rapid-fire recs

  • Productivity hack: Meditation. “I’ve found meditation tends to give me a base to step back and think how things can be done better. Working from home has also provided me more time, allowing me to disconnect for a moment and then reconnect so the productivity goes deeper.”
  • Source of inspiration: Guy Kawasaki. “He’s worked with Apple and other companies. He wrote fantastic books about marketing and they’re very eye opening, it’s really cool.”
  • Learning resources: “Take time to do online training, I’ve done classes with Adobe and LinkedIn Learning. One that I’m still working on is HubSpot, alongside Vimeo, doing classes about how to keep your audience running on videos.”
  • Favorite app: Adobe Illustrator. “ I’m doing a whole lot of material with Illustrator right for The Creative Lab.”

“Content is the essence of what is going on, right? If there’s no content, there’s no message, if there’s no message, there’s no brand, if there’s no brand, there’s zero.”

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