What is content marketing localization?

Quality content marketing is one of the best tools you can use to build your audience and establish a relationship of trust.

In your home market you know how to convey your brand voice and reach your target audience, but as you expand internationally you want to make sure that your messaging is on point all over the world.


Why is content marketing localization important?

Effective marketing localization is the difference between delivering the winning punch and being the punchline.

With the vast majority of consumers preferring content in their native language, a multilingual content marketing plan is fundamental.

Word-for-word translation of creative content, however, is all but guaranteed to miss the mark. The same amount of care should go into the content provided for each language and market.

By showing you know what resonates with your audience, and tapping into its style and tone, you position yourself as someone who knows exactly what you’re doing, and can be trusted across all of your target regions.


Why choose VeraContent?

VeraContent brings extensive experience to your content marketing localization.

We believe that a great collaboration starts with a thorough understanding of your project and aims.

We work hand in hand with your marketing department as you bring your voice to the international stage.

From the transcreation of marketing materials to preparing articles in format and managing the uploading schedule, we make sure that your global content marketing has the right impact.


How does VeraContent work?

VeraContent will assign you a dedicated Project Manager, who will be available to your team at all stages of the project. By getting to know you and your goals in depth we make sure that your voice is heard properly in every market.

Each piece of content will be localized by a native linguist and edited by a second native editor. We can manage the content using our recommended tools or those you’re already working with, such as Wordpress, Mailchimp or Hootsuite.

When appropriate, we can provide multiple translation or transcreation options and explain each one, so you can fully understand how we’re working to appeal to the target market.

Collaboration is crucial to all that we do at VeraContent and we will work closely with your internal team to ensure the brand’s voice and vision are maintained throughout the localization process.

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