Global real estate platform Spotahome uses quality content to conquer SEO (and clients’ hearts) in 6 European languages

A rising star in Europe’s startup scene, online rental housing platform Spotahome is based in Spain but has acted like a multinational from the start. Offering 360-degree photos and video footage of properties on the site, users book remotely with full confidence – eliminating the need for in-person viewings.

Founded in 2014, the globally-minded company’s official language has always been English. That’s been a crucial tool for attracting international talent and reaching its initial target clients: foreigners moving to a new city to work or study for a month or more.

Since its founding, the company has raised more than $60 million in venture capital, and now has more than 300 staff at its Madrid headquarters and regional offices.

As the company expanded rapidly across 11 European cities, so did its need for multilingual content. Now all of its external communications are done in six languages – English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Portuguese. That includes all of its web content, sales and marketing materials, as well as its customer interactions.

According to Spotahome’s Brand & Communication Manager, Melissa Lyras: “The biggest challenge working across European markets is the complexity of managing content in different languages.” That’s why Spotahome works closely with a multilingual content and localization agency who understands their business and the terms they use, so they can transmit the original intent of all their content effectively in each market they operate in.

“The biggest challenge working across European markets is the complexity of managing content in different languages.”

Melissa LyrasBrand & Communication Manager at Spotahome

European expansion: multilingual and localized content is essential

SEO specialist at Spotahome, Mauro Agatone is in charge of optimizing the company’s massive website for search, which involves overseeing the production of a large amount of content for blog posts and landing pages in all six languages.

“I’m a former journalist so I always think a lot about content, and I know from experience how important it is for optimizing a website,” Mauro said. “You can have a sleek design and amazing product, but if your content is full of grammar mistakes, it’s bad for Google and even worse for the users. They are not going to come back.”

Expanding beyond English is also key for SEO

“When looking for an apartment abroad, a lot of people search in the language of the market they are moving to because they don’t expect real estate websites to be in English,” Mauro said.

For Spotahome this meant putting SEO content into the local language as soon as they entered a new market – both to attract traffic from landlords, who tend to be local, and tenants, who tended to be international.

Today even that’s changing, however. Now about half of Spotahome’s tenant users are people looking for accommodation in their own city, according to the company. That means well-ranked, localized content specific to each market has become even more important than before.

Spotahome partners with a multilingual content agency to meet its language needs

Original content created for each market is key for bringing in traffic and keeping them on the page. For a recent project, Spotahome wanted to target landlords with more focused content. They decided to create several articles around topics of interest answering questions such as: “How much is my rental property worth?” and “What can I do if my tenant stops paying rent?” The topics were quite technical.

The topics were quite technical, so each article needed to be written by someone familiar with local landlord-tenant laws and the economic situation in each local market.

When this project came up, Mauro decided to hire VeraContent because the service came recommended by a colleague, and all the languages he needed were provided in one place.

“High-quality content shows the person they are on a page with professionals behind it.”

Mauro Agatone — SEO Specialist at Spotahome

“For me, it would be a lot more work – and practically impossible alongside my technical SEO tasks – to hire local freelancers for each language,” Mauro said. “With VeraContent, they know what I want, are very clear in their communication, and the content produced is perfect in every language.”

In just three months, the company saw a 30% increase in traffic to sections of the website tailored to landlords, and has started to rank higher for several of the keywords targeted.

Mauro says quality content is something that’s essential, and it goes way beyond search.

“If you land on a website for the first time, you’re not going to send 1,000 euros to reserve an apartment if you see a mistake on the page,” Mauro said. “High-quality content shows the person they are on a page with professionals behind it.”