1. Why does localized graphic design matter?

Quality graphic design is one of the best tools you can use to enhance your digital content, from blog posts to social media. The vast majority of today’s consumers prefer visual content—and even if you know how to leverage this in your home market, localizing multimedia assets for global audiences is a significant challenge.

Our team will ensure that every design element adheres to your brand guidelines and conveys your intended message, while also taking into account the cultural and linguistic nuances of each target market. We’ll tailor it to the tools you already use, so that localized graphic design becomes an integral and natural part of your overall strategy.

2. What do we offer?

While our bread and butter is written content creation and translation, graphic design plays a significant role in many of our projects. We regularly create localized visual content—such as infographics, short animated videos and branded social media assets—to complement our written work for clients and their audiences around the world.

We’re experts at translating documents within common software and file formats, such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. We always prefer to work directly in these types of files, rather than extracting the plain text, so that we can ensure the content is displayed correctly in the final design.

We can also use your preferred content management tools, from WordPress to Hootsuite, and manage your social media accounts directly if you choose.

As an agency specialized in language services for marketing and communications, we understand that even the smallest detail can impact people’s perception of your brand. That’s why we’re dedicated to optimizing every element of your content, from Instagram posts to infographics.

3. Why choose VeraContent?

We’ll assign a dedicated project manager to oversee every stage of the localization, content creation or social media management process.

They’ll take the time to truly understand you and your goals, and ensure that our graphic design team conveys your brand voice properly as they develop or adapt your visual content.

We’re adaptable, versatile and relentless in our attention to detail—and we’re ready to put our skills to use for your brand. Set up a call with us to see what we can do for you.

Make your digital content shine.

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Make your digital content shine.

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