1. What is social media localization?

Social media localization means creating dedicated community pages that specifically target a portion of your international audience.

Whether you translate content or create posts from scratch, it’s important to make sure that the right message reaches each market.

Direct segments of your audience to a page or profile in their own language and offer information specifically relevant to them.

2. Why does social media localization matter?

Social media can make or break your reputation. It is often people’s first contact with a brand and whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or another platform, your audience wants to engage with relevant content.

Social media networks are about bringing people together and allowing them to interact with individuals and companies on their own terms.

A multilingual social media presence allows you to increase your reach and build trust in each of the communities you target. The tailored insights gained from each market in return help you propel your business further forward.

3. What makes VeraContent the right choice?

We are experts at social media localization. Our teams know just what it takes to deliver engaging and professional social media content designed to suit your target market.

From Spain and Russia to France and Japan, we individually select dedicated community managers for each of your target markets.

Our multilingual social media managers are chosen for their knowledge and expertise in not just the local market, but the industry itself, so you can be confident your brand is in the best hands.

4. How does VeraContent manage the project?

Connecting with your local audiences starts by understanding what you are all about. We take the time to get to know you and your company so that we can select community managers who are a perfect fit.

We choose individuals from our extensive network of global specialists and assemble the best team of community managers for your brand.

As with all of our services, your VeraContent project manager acts as the main point of contact and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

With our different packages we will help you strike the perfect balance between translated content and market-specific posts, providing feedback about what is and isn’t working for each audience.


Make your multilingual social media shine.

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Make your multilingual social media shine.

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