How to get the most out of Sugar reports and dashboards — redK | VeraContent work sample

“One of the most useful functions of SugarCRM is the capability to create and personalise reports and dashboards. Sugar reports allow you to gather data from various CRM modules in order to create valuable information on accounts, activities, campaigns and more. The Sugar Intelligence Pane dashboard displays dashlets related to history, activity, metrics and other aspects of your business, all of which are customisable. Here are some basic tips for using these features to maximise your knowledge, efficiency and success with SugarCRM.”

What we did:

redk’s Insights blog aims to help customers make the most of their product, SugarCRM. It also informs readers on various topics related to data, marketing and sales. We wrote this piece that gives clients useful tips to utilize and understand the reports and dashboards that come with the product. In doing so, it strengthens redk’s relationship with their customers while also establishing the company as a CRM expert.