Blog post written by multilingual content agency VeraContent on how to write an effective follow-up email for MailTrack's blog

“Whether you just completed a job interview, met an interesting networking contact, or had a great meeting with a potential client, you probably know that a well-crafted follow-up email is an essential next step. It’s a simple way to keep you or your business fresh in that key person’s mind and bring you one step closer to reaching your objective, whether that’s closing a sale, nailing a job or attracting new collaborators.”

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What we did:

We wrote this post for MailTrack, which regularly publishes content to help users get the most out of their email communications strategy. The post is about follow-up emails, offering seven tips for writing emails that make the intended impact. It helped to show MailTrack’s expertise, and to demonstrate that the MailTrack extension is a great solution for businesses.