“Healthcare is one of the industries that will benefit the most from IoT, M2M and big data technology. With 65% of users logging into their healthcare apps every day, high-speed interconnected devices and sensors are at a watershed moment, promising to revolutionise how we take care of ourselves. 4G LTE, Bluetooth Low Energy, 5G, big data, nanotechnologies and AI… 2020 turns out to be a springboard for enhancing our capacity to monitor our health, as technology becomes exponentially faster, more precise and comprehensive.”

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What we did:

We wrote this blog post for POST Telecom, which is part of the Luxembourg-based telecommunications company POST Luxembourg. It discusses the transformative impact of 5G on healthcare in a technical yet accessible manner. It also links back to POST’s IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) solutions, which enable this kind of technology to be run effectively and profitably.