VeraContent work samples – Spanish blog post for Sanicat

“La música puede resultar una herramienta terapéutica para los gatos, al igual que lo es para nosotros. El instinto cazador de los felinos hace que su capacidad auditiva esté muy desarrollada y les permita captar un amplio rango de sonidos a gran distancia. Sin embargo, ellos no comparten nuestros gustos musicales, sino que se decantan por melodías suaves que imitan los sonidos que ellos mismos hacen.”

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What we did:

Aimed at all cat lovers, this is an example of the monthly blog posts we write for Sanicat in several different languages. Our team of writers took the topic suggestion and carried out research to create a piece in Spanish on what type of music awakens cats’ natural instincts. It discusses which melodies cats like and why, in a friendly yet informative tone. Posts like this help the client demonstrate their expertise while staying accessible to their audience.