See the localized Turkish post on LiVU’s account >>

See the original Instagram post on LiVU’s account >>

What we did:

We run LiVU’s social media accounts in English and Turkish, which involves substantial localization, as the two language markets are very different. The post above is a good example of how we adapt phrases and creative pieces for specific audiences.

On May 4th, we created a post in English for LivU’s global Instagram page in celebration of “Star Wars Week,” and stems from a common play on words as “May the fourth be with you” sounds like “May the Force be with you.” 

However, seeing that culturally and linguistically this pun would not work for the Turkish market, our community manager decided to create a whole new post from scratch. A reference to a famous line in a Turkish TV show, the text in the image reads “The ship will come one day.” This phrase has now come to be an expression of hope and expectation that people say in their everyday lives—a message that LivU always wants to transmit to their users.