Today on the podcast, host Shaheen Samavati chats with three professional linguists who work at VeraContent, Irene Zamora, Lara Luig and Liu Jian (Tom), about the capabilities of AI translation and dubbing tools. 

After testing HeyGen Lab’s Video Translate tool in 12 languages, the three linguists and Shaheen analyze the output of the English, Spanish, German and Mandarin translated videos. The group shares their thoughts on what the AI tool did well and where it could improve. They also discuss where this type of tool could be used in marketing and their opinions on whether AI is likely to replace translators and voice-over artists any time soon.

You can watch the full conversation in the video above or on YouTube, listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify, and read a recap of the conversation below!

Episode highlights

  • 0:00 VeraContent puts AI video translation tools to the test
  • 1:02 Each linguist shares their initial thoughts on the AI video translation tool
  • 7:09 Each linguist shares their approach to testing the AI video translated videos.
  • 9:01 Tom shares what the AI tool did well and what could have been better in the Mandarin translation.
  • 11:35 Irene shares what the AI tool did well and what could have been better in the Spanish translation.
  • 15:20 Lara shares what the AI tool did well and what could have been better in the German translation.
  • 18:28 Discussion on the realism of lip movements.
  • 20:03 Shaheen shares her analysis of the English translation.
  • 22:22 Everyone shares a final summary of their thoughts.
  • 27:34 Potential uses of this technology.
  • 37:21 How AI is likely to change/impact the translation industry.

Will AI replace human translators?

  • “I don’t see AI working autonomously without any human checking the content anytime soon. As a professional translator, you need to figure out how you can work in parallel with AI translation tools and focus more on the transcreation side of the translation process.” – Irene Zamora, Spanish linguist at VeraContent
  • “Like machine translation profilerated the amount of content being translated, and therefore the need to edit those translations, I’m sure something similar will happen with AI, where there’ll be a greater need for professional translation editors to revise the results.” – Shaheen Samavati, CEO of VeraContent 
  • “You can’t count on AI 100%, you always have to adjust what it produces. It’s nice to have it to help you out with brainstorming ideas, but you definitely still need a human to check it and adjust to make it perfect.” – Lara Luig, German linguist and community manager at VeraContent

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