Here is a transcript generated by of The Content Mix podcast interview with VeraContent’s Kyler Canastra and Daniela Klein, content marketing manager at Trusted Shops, on how to build trust with content:

Kyler Canastra 0:00
Hi everyone, I’m Kyler from the content mix, and I’m excited to be here with Daniela Klein, content marketing manager at Trusted Shops. Germany-native Daniela has been involved in digital marketing for over seven years. Upon completing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies in Bamberg, she dives into the world of project and content management soon after working at different organizations in Germany. Always curious and challenging herself, Daniela’s ambition and drive are what led her to her current role at Trusted Shops. Trusted Shops is all about providing consumers trust, while online shopping. As the world becomes more and more digital companies like Trusted Shops are essential, as they provide buyer protection and real security by moving through the digital marketplace. And the importance of Daniela’s role is quite obvious, as she strives to foster trust through content marketing campaigns and strategies that connect with Trusted Shops target audience. And we’re very excited to have Daniela on today’s show. So without much further ado, thank you so much for joining us, Daniela. Hi Nice to meet you, as well. And thank you so much for you know, being interested in joining us today on The Content Mix. Now, just to get the conversation kick started, I kind of want to know a bit more in your own words about who you are, where you’re from, and what’s your connection to content marketing in Europe?

Daniela Klein 1:21
Yeah, well, actually, I’m originally from the Bavaria. So I grew up there near Munich, you could say, not like the city part of Munich, but nearby. And yeah, going through my school, my education there, then deciding to move to like northern Bavaria to go to Bamberg, as you mentioned, to study there, because I wanted to move somewhere new, but not too far away from home, and yeah, I did my studies at the Otto-Friedrich University in Bamberg, Communication Science and English studies. Yeah. And after that, I was really like, ready to go to a bigger city. And I wanted to move to and to get to know a big city of Germany. Well, and actually, I got to Cologne. That’s the place where I now live and where I work now. And yeah, it has been a couple of years. But I’m still happy here. For the moment being and yeah.

Kyler Canastra 2:28
I have to ask you, because in Bavaria, they speak a different types of German, right? Different, like dialects. So how was that like, moving to Cologne? I feel like I don’t

Daniela Klein 2:38
I don’t have the Bavarian dialect, to be honest, because they are not originally from the very, Okay, I understand that. But I wasn’t used to speak it a lot.

Kyler Canastra 2:49
I have friends from there. And they always say there’s always like, difficulties or you know,

Unknown Speaker 2:54
for people not for people not being from the Bevaria that is difficult. But yeah, for me and education with further education, you lose your dialect, to be honest.

Kyler Canastra 3:04
Yeah, for sure. Yeah, sad. But true, unfortunately. Um, now, can you just tell us a bit more about why marketing and kind of how did you get involved? And?

Unknown Speaker 3:17
Yeah, um, well, I studied communication science, which meant a lot of journalism stuff back then. And also like Theoretical Communication Studies and theories. With, like, the combination of English doing similar stuff that English teachers have to do at university in Germany. Yeah, and my, my wish was always to go like to, to journalism companies, so to a newspaper or any publishing services. But yeah, throughout my studies, I recognize that, yeah, journalism is financially really struggling in Germany, so and there’s not with the or the digitalization, and it’s not clear how journalism will, will make it out in the end. So wasn’t really clear. And from a financial perspective, I changed or decided to move to marketing.

Kyler Canastra 4:17
That makes sense. Yeah. It’s interesting, cuz I feel like a lot of journalists, you know, make that shift into marketing, like the CEO of VeraContent and Shaheen, she used to be the host, she or my co host on the on The Content Mix. She was a journalist, for example, and she found that like a lot of the skills that she developed, while becoming a journalist list was really, really helpful when it came to marketing like attention to detail, being able to turn over things with a quick rate. And just like knowing how to research things, because obviously journalists, especially if you’re working in like a publication that you need to put something out really fast. You need to make sure you do all your research, you know, all the i’s and cross the T’s, as we say in English to make sure everything’s perfect. So, did you find a lot of those skills to be helpful in your role now?

Daniela Klein 5:00
Yeah, absolutely. So what helped me out was that on my private level, and on a private level, I’ve always been a digital native. So I started online when I was like a teenager or something with the networks. I think they don’t exist anymore. But I got to know them. And I got the usability of them. And yeah, it helped me out to get to get that marketing perspective, that digital marketing perspective for me to say, so I didn’t actually work in I haven’t worked so far in the traditional way of marketing, but as always, in the digital marketing space. Because, yeah, because I live I really like the fast and hands on atmosphere, the open minded people, which I met, who I met there, and the digital environment, which is really challenging at times really fast, has its own dynamic route vibrant, so to call and creative and limitless. Yeah,

Kyler Canastra 6:04
very dynamic. And definitely fast paced, as you said, there’s a lot always changing. You have to be up to date with latest trends, see what works and what doesn’t work. It’s definitely a whole new like ballgame, as we would say in terms of one year changes. So so much in marketing. So yeah, yeah, if you say, keeps you on your toes. Yeah, interesting, for sure. Now, one thing I really liked when I like was I found your profile and asked you to be on the show was that how diverse your your background was in marketing, and the sense of where you’ve worked, because you worked in a number of different industries and organization from company, Convidera, which is a company which specializes in digital transformation consultancy, to Wunderknaben, a social media agency, while also doing freelance work, you know, you had that sprinkled throughout as well, including work for Trusted Shops, where you work full time now, which I found interesting, too, because where I work full time now, too, I was a freelancer initially. So it’s kind of something that we have in common. So in your opinion, how did have these different experiences shaped your professional trajectory?

Daniela Klein 7:05
Yeah, for sure, I think I’m really like interested in all the things I do. So I don’t do things to get them done, but to be happy about them and to be like interested in them. So I’m working for customers was one of my first working experiences, and it was really nice. It is so different with regard to the customers use you serve. So the different target groups or different touch points, a different understanding of content marketing of marketing itself. It’s really interesting. So every day, every new customer is a new challenge, where you can work and you can show yourself and your skills and you can train on your skills and project management is for sure always, like task you need with you if you work with customers, but also, in my current work at Trusted Shops it’s a big part of it. And yeah, I think the big variety in different different projects and working stations is really, like fruitful for me. So yeah, I think the freelance tasks. Additionally, they help you to think in smaller goals and to show you that smaller companies are happy about smaller things and to achievements. And then if they are often really grateful, and which is nice to see. Because in a big company like Trusted Shops that you didn’t get lost some time.

Kyler Canastra 8:38
Right, for sure. And I feel like having different roles, especially working as a freelancer gives you so much perspective no on just when you For example, like I said before I was a freelancer, and kind of like for me, it was like work focusing on those smaller goals and like kind of, but not really knowing where I fit into the picture. And I think what was really cool was being on the other side of it and working with freelancers and kind of note, knowing what I would have wanted to like how I wanted to be treated, how important like the freelancers, I thought I was the project and kind of making sure that as the project manager, I was kind of showing that to the freelancers as well as super important, I think and it kind of shows you like how everyone fits into the puzzle and how not everything is valuable, right? Every part of the collaboration is important. But also like yeah, your profiles really diverse and for such a short period of time. And also kind of how that kind of gave you a different perspective on different things and also seeing how different people work. Now, as I said before you were you freelance for Trusted Shops and what did you do for them in that sense? Like what kind of freelance work

Daniela Klein 9:44
well, it was social media management and some consultancy and some creative brainstorming, establishing new formats, but also setting up a new channel and doing the output there was brilliant So far, so good. really different because one was like purely b2b customers, and one was b2c, obviously, industries. So really direct to consumer, if you want to say so yeah,

Kyler Canastra 10:11
it’s totally different. Now, you’ve also been working at Trusted Shops now for over two years. And it’s a company that you’ve described as a place which enables trust in digital landscape and develops new market ready products, while also focusing on organizational growth and change management. So we kind of what’s Why did you say that? What makes it a special place? And how has that been, like fruitful for your career in marketing?

Daniela Klein 10:37
Well, Trusted Shops was like the biggest company I’ve worked for so far. We were nearly 800 employees. So that’s really a big thing for me and yeah, obviously the the way to work and to think is really different from agency side or from the consultancy side is really different. Yeah, it is, it is never boring. It is really really fast growing and changing all the time. So because we do a lot of organizational changes with also like, developing new products to customers and consumers a bit easy to see in a big b2b section in marketing especially. And yeah, it’s never it’s never we sent never spent still there. So yeah, we’re having a lot of pace in our in our goals, and we really want to grow bigger. And yeah, but we working within really agile way to work. And it’s really interesting. So every, every day is special. And yeah, we especially profited from, from pandemic, because many people do online shopping obviously, now and new new customers. Yeah, went online, because the cost of the lockdowns and Yeah,

Kyler Canastra 11:50
definitely. And people needed more like protection, right? When online shopping for sure. Because especially just as people were probably like the increase rate of people shopping online, I’m sure there was an increase of people scamming people online and trying to get money fast and stuff like that. Now, before I ask me more a bit about the work you do your split at Trusted Shops, I want to know, what’s your favorite aspect of the job for you? I mean, that really kind of drives you.

Daniela Klein 12:18
Um, I like the international company side we got so we’re expanding throughout Europe at the moment. And I’m currently working on that, because I’m responsible for the b2c consumer website, basically, and working with my team on getting these websites set up and launching the design and all the stuff and making them more usable for the follow consumers throughout Europe. And yeah, I think that’s that’s a big thing for for not only Germany, where we are really big at the moment, but also like other countries, Spain, Italy, and more

Kyler Canastra 12:57
now Trusted Shops is started in Germany, a German company and now they’re expanding. So we said Spain, Italy, what other markets are you working in? Currently? Poland, France, some almost other European? What’s been the biggest challenge for you as you’ve expanded into those markets?

Daniela Klein 13:16
Um, well, Germans are obviously not Italians. That even show this place when when talking about online shopping. So Spanish people have other needs than German people have. And especially when it comes to insurances? That could be a different way to think about that. And French for sure. They also like got a different understanding of insuring themselves. And yeah, we, that’s really interesting for translators to like,

Kyler Canastra 13:46
So like, in terms of the content you’re producing to go on the websites, you have to localize each one and change each one. Yeah,

Daniela Klein 13:52
well, but also for the for the product development itself. So could we just get the same product as we got in Germany? Or in Germany in Austria? Could we? Could we just publish it there? Or do we have to make any changes?

Kyler Canastra 14:08
Especially because you have to remember, like, people are like, the consumers are using different websites and every country, so he’s gonna have to make sure yeah, everyone’s way of online shopping is not universal, which

Unknown Speaker 14:19
is super interesting. Now,

Kyler Canastra 14:22
as we’ve already discussed, many times, Trusted Shops is Europe’s leading trusted brand. So they help online shoppers know how to, you know, shop around safely and securely. So oftentimes, we discuss how good quality content is key to building trust with the company’s users and customers I’d like that’s a, you know, whenever we talk about content marketing, that’s like one of the big things is trying to build trust and make make yourself seem like a peer, right as a very reliable source. Now, for you that must be really important because you’re trying to, you know, provide people with trust and safety while online shopping. But also trying to make sure that you like Trusted Shops is a trusted shop, essentially. So what role does content marketing play in Trusted Shops client relations? And is Do you find it to be an effective tool and fostering this trust that’s so essential to your company?

Daniela Klein 15:10
Well, yeah, that’s that’s for sure. More More marketers than just me Trusted Shops our b2c segment. And we really want to be an advisor. And to help out people when just googling shops, shopping online, so we just want to, to have them educated how to look at a shop and when what things could be important for one, or what what extra services are important to buy safe online, or what? what browser specific things are any information security things? So these are the the content pieces, which I am mainly publishing on our blog. So our magazine, we got a corporate magazine for consumers, which I am responsible for. And yeah, so we really get to, we really want to have people be aware of the insecurities the online world offers. So yeah. So online shoppers to make them go sophisticated through their online shopping process. And yeah, but for the shop owners is completely different. So this is my colleagues doing that. And they even have different content pieces, for sure,

Kyler Canastra 16:29
for sure. Now, we’ve mentioned before, kind of You call yourself a jack of all trades, you know, you have experienced digital transformation and project management. Now, we also touched upon a bit how that skill set helps you at your job at Trusted Shops, and especially in content marketing, but I was also curious to know like, what’s your typical day like, at work? And how do you use these skills on a daily basis?

Daniela Klein 16:52
Yes, for sure, in a fast growing company, and being fast is always a good way. Yeah. I am like, working really fast. But also within always with an open eye for the quality for sure. To be open minded and flexible is for sure, really important, which is part of my skill set and my character, so to say, which also helps me in content marketing decisions, you need to be a really good observer. So and to do prioritization prioritizations. And to structure your work day, which is a big part of our work, because as a marketing team in a big company, or the other stuff gets on your desk, and you need to structure to prioritize the things and the tasks you got. Well, and how does a typical day look for me? Well, I’m normally when I start working, I’m doing some community management, having a look at our community. Is there anything special that they have open a discussion on Facebook or some Instagram posts, for sure, also, quick read through some news. So some general news in the morning, after checking mails and appointments for the day. And we got our team daily afterwards. So where we speak with other marketing, my other marketeers about the different tasks we got for the day. So like the Agile daily working format. And I’m spend for some time on planning and creating the editorial content for our for our accounts and our blog. briefing is always a part so I work with agencies with freelance text doesn’t help copywriters, and also the working student, which who needs to be like briefed on a daily basis? And yeah, just checking on the quality and doing some strategy issues for sure.

Kyler Canastra 18:50
Wow. definitely have a lot on your plate. It seems like you’re definitely busy at Trusted Shops. Are you working remotely? So you’re doing this all remote?

Daniela Klein 18:59
Yeah, we do have an office here. And we do have several offices to say in Europe. But yeah, it’s it’s open. But we working mainly remote at the moment. So it’s everybody’s free choice. And I’m there like for a once a week, one or two times a week. Yeah, because I live in Cologne and I live nearby. So that’s

Kyler Canastra 19:19
why not go

Daniela Klein 19:20
that sweet to just go on the bike and hop there. I like it. And yeah, I’m happy to just leave my home office from time to time. Yeah,

Kyler Canastra 19:29
from time. It hasn’t been difficult though to like manage all these people and manage all these tasks remotely. I feel like that’s also been a challenge for a lot of people. You know, since the pandemic it’s kind of shifting this whole online, you know, workplace where people didn’t have maybe the didn’t know the digital tools to use to help manage teams or assigned tasks. How’s that been for you?

Daniela Klein 19:50
I think for us as a marketing team that has been really good because we will have been working with Slack, even before pandemic times, but I can imagine many colleagues have not worked so digital, they that they experienced some problems and with being just online all the time, and yeah, we’ll be using Ticket Ticket Ticket tools, so like gyra, workspaces, and everything to ensure their transparency, which makes working in collaboration really smooth and easy. But yeah, I could imagine many other teams that really needed to get to know these tools. Exactly,

Kyler Canastra 20:29
I definitely felt the same. Like we already had to use these tools before. And like my company was partially remote during the before the pandemic. So like we kind of we’re ready to make the switch. But definitely a challenge for and it really depends on the industry, as he said. Now, I’m also curious, throughout your career, we touched upon a lot of different aspects of your career, what has it been an example of a campaign or a piece of content that’s worked really well for you? It doesn’t have to be from Trusted Shops, but it can just be something that you’ve experienced over the years.

Daniela Klein 20:58
Yeah, but I could I could also talk about one I Trusted Shops.

Kyler Canastra 21:02
Yeah, go for it.

Daniela Klein 21:04
Yeah, cuz one of our outstanding content piece is actually a monthly fake shop posting. So we’re doing some monthly research on fraud shops, which are likely to be like fraud, which can only get detected when you take a further look at them. And we create a list which is published on one of our sites and in various social media postings. And they are usually really successful with a nice picture. But also like the the content is really helpful for the for the shoppers, actually, because they share it on their own boards and on their own words. And it’s really, like, they are really happy about it. And that makes their day really nice, because they also express their Thank you feelings on our wall. And

Kyler Canastra 22:00
yeah, that’s really nice, because it kind of provides it shows them that you’re also like, what you do behind the scenes, kind of what work you do. And also that you care, I think that really, masks come off that people are like, wow, this company posted this list. And it’s like they care about like, and they’re showing us what’s true, what’s fake. And kind of, again,

Daniela Klein 22:19
yeah, the site, we are from b2b perspective, we are selling our trustmark, which, obviously, is the opposite of fake shops. So that’s really like interesting for our brand as well, because we get like, don’t shop here, but shop here in our shop. They are we Yeah, they are absolutely secure for you. And you get your insurance to us. And you get your money back if anything gets wrong there. And

Kyler Canastra 22:47
right. Seems like you’re super transparent. And it’s kind of like the idea that kind of drives No, you’re all your marketing campaign has been transparent and showing that trust, which is so

Daniela Klein 22:56
Yeah, exactly. And yeah, to be a trustful adviser for the for the shopping people are sure.

Kyler Canastra 23:01
Yeah. So content. Super, super important to help you with that, for sure. Now, since you have so much experience, I have to ask you this question, because it’s a kind of a question I usually ask a lot of guests is why do you what do you think some companies get wrong when it comes to content marketing? So you’ve worked with different agencies consultancies? You’ve seen a lot of content marketing? Before, you know, and I wanted to know, what do you think people get wrong when it comes to content marketing?

Daniela Klein 23:27
Hmm, I think it’s important to know that content marketing is not content marketing, it is not always the same. It has to be always, like connected to the goals one has, so one company or one one person has. Because it’s not just one recipe for others success. Right. But yeah, you need to, you need to try out and you need to test different things. And you need to be curious and you need to be, yeah, you need to try things out and to gain insights about your goals and about your target group and about what works out for you and your accounts. And not just one thing. I could do it for all the people, but no you need to really find out what is your goal and what is your USP and what is all that about. Yeah,

Kyler Canastra 24:17
so that’s something that we would say it’s important, right? It’s skill to have is to be able to know and focus on what your company has to offer whatever brand you’re representing, and not comparing yourself with others.

Daniela Klein 24:29
Yeah, exactly. And to be to be open to invest. So to invest in it in AB testing, for sure. To see so you could just say that post is successful for Trusted Shops, but that post does not be six does not have to be successful for other brands. They work in the same section or something. But yeah, every target group and every person in there every touchpoint is different. So my blog people are not the same as they are on social media. Even if it’s one brand, it’s really different. So really have to do trial and error. Yeah, between all the different target groups and people. And that is true for every account.

Kyler Canastra 25:10
I think like a lot of people, like consumers, right what we want now, if you look at like, you know, YouTube channels and influencers, for example, like there’s so many of them now. So we’re all looking for like, diverse, like a unique approach to it like a certain topic, or like your content needs to be unique, it needs to stand out. And I think that’s what you’re kind of suggesting, as well as that make it unique for your brand. So stop comparing yourself and see what works with your, your target audience and see how they react in general. Now, there’s someone that’s kind of your I know, you’re not recently graduated, but you are relatively young, right? We’re still young people in this field. So it’s probably more it’s fresh in your mind now. But I wanted to know if you have any advice for someone just starting out now, because on the show, we always try to feature people who are you know, could be the experts in their field and have 20 years of marketing experience, but also people that seven years like yourself, like there’s no and we also have listeners that are from all aspects of the spectrum, right? In terms of how much experience they have, some people don’t have any at all. So kind of what advice would you give to someone that’s interested in marketing, but doesn’t know where to start?

Daniela Klein 26:17
Well, I think it is more important than ever to be ready for an ever changing environment. So our digital world is so diverse, it’s so fastly moving, and it is really like different than it was 10 years ago, because there’s so much content out there, and you need really need to, to find your place there and to, to become and to to concentrate even though the world is changing all the time. I think this is a really key skill nowadays. To produce on content is always helpful. So I think are the content marketing stuff nowadays. And even for younger people, it will change more to become like a content creator yourself. Many Gen Z people are already content creators more than my generation to be honest, it’s really useful because you don’t start with Windows, on the bottom level, but you can really like have a certain experience, even if it was just private use. Yeah. And I would also like to suggest to become, to have to aim to be a specialist in one content marketing discipline, but not to be like an all rounder as I am. But for future times, I would say like, I think that, yeah, the specialties is the most valuable thing you got

Kyler Canastra 27:42
a super interesting, and yeah, it’s better. I think a lot of times, we always focus on trying to do everything at once and like be experts in everything, rather than just focusing on maybe what you’re passionate about, or one area that really drives you and becoming a specialist because I think what you suggested before with like, the Gen Z and all these people who are content creators, right? They, what we’re looking at now is uniqueness and having people who are specialized in certain things. But now we have so much right people are offering so so much so it’s definitely to have your niche.

Daniela Klein 28:12
Yeah, yeah, exactly. And if you are a really outstanding, great YouTube creator, stay there. That’s really, really cool. For the for the beginning, you don’t have to be like Instagram, and Facebook and YouTube all the time. So do one thing really in a good, good way. And I think that really is wanted on also on the job market and future times

Kyler Canastra 28:37
for sure. Now, it’s going to continue with this whole, you know, theme of recommendations. And I want to know as someone who works in marketing and someone who has been very successful, how like, what daily habits would you attribute to your success? Do you have any that you’d share the audience?

Daniela Klein 28:53
Um, well, it I do yoga, for sure. Yeah, it helps you to come down and I also enjoy the well, I like the word

Kyler Canastra 29:07
for like the you know, yoga super helpful with mindfulness, for example. And being able to

Daniela Klein 29:13
the breathing technologies, you can learn that you can, you can experience so much about yourself and in your body, which is really like interesting for me. But I also enjoy going outside, especially when being in the home office all day, just changing perspectives, changing the views, changing the workspace, changing the workplace, which could be changed. I also enjoy it from time to time to go to a co working space to see different people and to gain new insights even. Even without talking to people you can just have a new working environment, which is really helpful and yeah, and it also gets you like down to earth and appreciating all the stuff that

Kyler Canastra 29:59
is there. And I feel like what are those things such appliances like mental health, right. And I feel like that’s something we’ve learned a lot in the past year, it’s how important it is to make sure you go for a walk, make sure you do stuff not just for your brain, but also for your body and make sure you know, eating well and exercising, but it’s all goes together. And I think a lot of times people forget that. And it was very easy to get caught in that cycle and locked down of being like, okay, like, as a stay at home all day and do nothing. It’s like, No, you have to make sure you stay fresh and with it and make sure you treat your your body and mind like well, essentially,

Daniela Klein 30:30
for my case it is I couldn’t I’m not a fan. I couldn’t be a fan. I couldn’t become a fan of the virtual sports. So yeah. I agree that the training with from the laptop or something, but I, I started a new hobby, which was road cycling, because for me, and I started within the pandemic, just to have my mental. Yeah, to have my outside world connected without having people around me. So not a need. And you will ever you were happily able to do that in the lockdown. Even in Germany. especially nice. Yeah. And it’s really nice. And it’s really like, it’s so exhausting. So you need to just concentrate on that. Yeah, if you like do like to us 50 kilometres and more. And it helps me really, to just find new power for myself. And for my daily work.

Kyler Canastra 31:28
Yeah, that’s really cool. No, I definitely think the power of exercise is super important, especially like what you said, concentrating on one thing, and that helps you kind of meditate in a way that you don’t have to think about anything else, all the stresses from work, or your personal life is kind of just all goes away, which we need to do that sometimes is also like treating ourselves is what I say right? We make sure we’re taking care of ourselves. Now switching gears a bit, do you have any source of inspiration or like a role model that you think has helped you? I don’t know in your career.

Daniela Klein 31:59
Wow, not my career. But in my, in my life. I enjoy all the strong females being out there and not not being quiet but but showing, showing themselves and their achievements and being loud. And for sure. I just one of them is for Michelle Obama, who’s not a fan. And I think the book becoming is really like mind blowing. And there’s many I’m really happy about the feminist part. We’re now going into the strong females, which are being displayed on all the media now.

Kyler Canastra 32:37
It’s so important. Yeah, it’s kind of like about time, right? Like, yeah. Like, there’s always been inspiring women, I just don’t think we’ve had access to them. I definitely think Michelle Obama is inspirational as well, I actually agree with you on that one, especially as someone as an American is very proud of having to play that leader country. And now, you recommended that becoming by Michelle Obama. So that’s a book that you thoroughly enjoyed. But do you have any other recommendations when it comes to App tools? Or platforms? Or books?

Daniela Klein 33:09
Um, yeah, I think I could tell about the network, which is called Global Digital Women. I’m not sure if you’ve heard about it. No, I think it’s it’s mainly German. I’m not really sure. But yeah, it’s it’s a, it’s a woman network with a lot of inspiring and successful women. It has a LinkedIn group, it has some events, it has a Facebook group and other stuff. And really successful and inspirational women, they publish their posts there, and they show their insights. And they talk about their work life and also their financial situation and work life balances and all the stuff. So I really like that one.

Kyler Canastra 33:49
That’s really cool. And make sure you share this with them as well, to show your interview, but also, I think it’s really what’s really been interesting during this like digital age that we’re in with, especially the pandemic is the amount of networking and like community we can build online. And I think it’s really nice. Like as a woman, for example, you’re a woman working in this industry, and you can talk to other people who are just ambitious, like you are driven, can be also shared advice. I think it’s really, really nice. And it gives people like that comfort of knowing that there’s someone out there that is in similar position as them you kind of you’re not alone. And then a time where we kind of felt very alone, right. I think the pandemic kind of show this at the same time. We’re very connected at the same time. Now, we’re coming to the end of our interview. Unfortunately, it’s been such a pleasure to get to know you a bit more and learn about your career and also to hear your insights on different things. Now, just before we go Do you have any final takeaways or a piece of parting advice you’d like to share with our audience to put you on the spot or anything? Well, I think I mean, definitely covered a lot in terms of, you know, kind of how to get started or maybe like one thing that you did Did you wish you knew before starting your career?

Daniela Klein 35:06
Well, I think I think I would play some message for, for all the young females out there. So yeah, just do not let anybody get you down. Even if it’s especially when it’s about business. Do not. Yeah, do not get a lead. Let any males get you down.

Yeah. And and, and be courageous about it. And yeah. And yeah, do your own thing. Do your own and follow your own path.

Kyler Canastra 35:45
Yeah. And be proud of what you do. It’s important, like our generation, I hope that the change will come right when people are treated equally in the workplace. And that, yeah, it’s so mind boggling that we have to deal with these things in 2021. But you’re a great example of a strong woman that is advocating for, you know, feminist issues, but also, yeah, passionate about it, as well. So it’s definitely good to know that people like you exist in the world now. So I found you on LinkedIn, we connected on LinkedIn, but what’s the best way to get in touch with you, whether it be LinkedIn or like if people want to reach out to you after the interview? Yeah, LinkedIn is the best. That’s perfect. So everyone can you can find Daniela on LinkedIn. And again, Daniela, thank you so so much for sharing your insights with us today. It was a pleasure to get to know you. And I want to thank everyone for tuning in. For more perspectives on the content marketing industry in Europe, check out and keep tuning into the podcast for more interviews with content experts around Europe. So we’ll see you next time. Thanks Daniela. Thanks, bye bye

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