Paris-based Elena Atanasova has lived in many different corners of the world, from her native Bulgaria to India, North America and various countries in Europe. All of this has helped her become a savvy global marketer, who truly understands the importance of respecting even the smallest of cultural differences and empathizing with audiences.

Shaheen Samavati recently sat down with Elena to discuss her insights from working in international marketing for more than 15 years, including her current role working in the industrial sector.

Tune in as Elena and Shaheen talk about the benefits of living abroad as a marketer, the ins and outs of B2B marketing and the power of user-generated content.

You can watch the full conversation in the video above or on YouTube, and listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify.

Rapid-fire recs  

  • Recommended reading: Start with Why by Simon Sinek. “It’s full of great insights on understanding what drives people to connect with your brand and how to communicate effectively.”
  • Productivity hack: Making good use of your time. “It’s not about working long hours, but being efficient during the hours that you work.”
  • Preferred platform: LinkedIn. “It’s the best platform to reach a B2B audience, plus it’s a good place to find courses, inspiring examples of content and also insights about what your competition is doing.”
  • Favorite app: Google Maps. “Maybe it’s not my favorite, but it’s the one I use the most. I think it’s crucial for small businesses as a lot of people use it to find local services and consult not only location but hours of operation, reviews, contact info, menus, etc.”
  • Source of inspiration: Seminars and industry groups. “I find inspiration at the professional seminars I attend, as well as the marketing groups I follow which are full of knowledge, insights, experiences and advice for overcoming specific problems or challenges.”

“There are two things every marketer needs to know very well. One, their audience—it’s absolutely crucial to know who you’re communicating with. Two, the reason why you’re doing something. For every campaign, for every ad, for everything that you do—know why you’re doing it. It seems simple, but it’s something that often gets neglected.”

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This post was edited by Mary Kresge.

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