Australian duo Tiffany Hart and Tanya Garma randomly met one fateful afternoon in a coffee shop in Munich. This chance encounter led to a fast friendship and the birth of their brand GrowGetters, which offers advice for advancing in your career and growing your business.

GrowGetters initially started as just a podcast but later expanded with the addition of their newsletter, social media presence and masterclasses.

Today on the podcast, Tiffany and Tanya join Shaheen Samavati to talk about creating a successful podcast on a shoestring budget. Tune in as they offer sound advice on everything including the best no-frills equipment, figuring out episode topics and schedules, and how to stand out in a sea of competition.

You can watch the full conversation in the video above or on YouTube, and listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify.

Rapid-fire recs

  • Sources of inspiration:
    • The High Low podcast and Shameless podcast. “They’re both extremely popular and inspired us from the beginning. In both cases the hosts are women who have great chemistry and it literally sounds like you’re chatting with a friend when you’re listening to them. That’s the vibe that we wanted to bring to the airwaves.”
    • The Squiz podcast. “We love how it’s so informative yet so digestible and easy to understand in a really short amount of time. It also inspired us when we were thinking of how to structure GrowGetters.”
  • Preferred platforms:
    • Whooshkaa. “Our strategy was always to be on as many hosting platforms as possible. Whooshkaa distributes to every major hosting provider.”
    • Podbean. “It’s another great hosting platform that makes starting out easy.”
  • Useful resources:
    • She Podcasts Facebook group. “It’s cool to connect with other fellow podcasters and to be able to give each other support and encouragement along the way. It’s a big journey!”
  • Favorite tools:
    • Chartable. “It allows you to track rankings and reviews of your podcast across different countries. It’s a really cool aggregator and it costs basically nothing to start.”
    • Canva. “Design is a really important aspect of your podcast. When you’re just starting out, Canva is absolutely fine for creating things. Use bright colors and big bold letters and stand out.”
    • Kapwing and Wavve. “These tools allow you to create and edit content without breaking the bank. They’re great to have in your repertoire especially if you’re working with a limited budget.”
    • Adobe Audition.“We decided to invest in it because we knew that we were in it for the long haul and we wanted to do it right. Our advice is to start small and then build and invest as you go.”

“We wanted to make a podcast that could tackle hard topics and make them friendly, and accessible. We wanted to take the ego and elitism out of things and really deliver it to women like you would be talking to friends. And that’s what we’re doing with GrowGetters.”

Tiffany Hart

“When you really think through your podcast idea and who your dream listener is, that helps you craft the concept—everything from the name to the artwork to the length and the frequency of the episodes.”

Tanya Garma

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