Carlota Pico recently met with Joachim Lemmens of The Coingaming Group, which is revolutionizing the online gambling industry through the integration of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. Joachim develops, manages and monitors the global social media strategy for, the group’s sports betting platform. In this interview, he explains how they use a combination of global branding and localization to gain visibility, create partnerships and build a base of loyal fans across the world.

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Key takeaways

  • Joachim is using a diverse content strategy, clever branding and partnerships with powerful influencers to make the next big thing in online betting.
  • Marketing in the sports betting industry is particularly challenging, due to immense variation in legislation and regulations across different markets.
  • In addition to basic differences in language and culture, each market interacts with content in different ways and demands greater coverage of certain sports.
  • has one global page for all of its markets, in addition to specific local pages for markets where English is less prevalent or specific sports take precedence.
  • Audiences who are interested in the financial and cryptocurrency aspect of the business require a global marketing approach, while sports fans need more specific localization—and these interests also determine the social media network to focus on.
  • You always need to understand which audience is on which platform, so that you know which one to focus on.
  • Different countries engage with content in different ways.

If you can do marketing for betting, you can probably do marketing for any industry.

Rapid-fire recs

What’s an app or tool that you can’t work without?

While working from home, I’ve been using Slack a lot—not only on a day-to-day basis, but on a minute-to-minute basis. I also use Google Docs and Google Sheets, which make it easy to share your thoughts with other team members and get insight straight away, all in one document.

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A marketing influencer who you follow?

I was lucky enough to work with Mia Khalifa, an Instagram influencer who knows exactly how to entertain her audience, what to post and what to say in order to drive engagement. She’s incredibly smart when it comes to influencing the specific audience that she has.

A valuable resource, event or group?

My passion is the sports industry, so I get a lot of information from SportBusiness. I use it to stay up to date with the latest developments in sports: what other companies are doing, which influencers they’re signing and what deals they’re making. It’s a great way to stay aware of and engage with new products, activations and brands.

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This post was edited by Melissa Haun, a freelance content creator based in Lisbon.

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