Carlota Pico recently sat down for a conversation with Stefania Trinchero from Zinio, the world’s first and largest digital newsstand. As the global content marketing manager for CRM and mobile, Stefania manages digital initiatives and partnerships, creates customer lifecycle programs, and sources engaging content from over 6,000 publications. In this interview she talks about the company’s strategy to produce highly personalized content for their audience, by continuously adapting to the fluctuating interests and habits of online consumers.

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Key takeaways

  • Zinio uses both global and regional campaigns, adjusting them as needed according to the specific needs and context of each audience.
  • An international perspective is vital in order to understand how markets across the world vary and coincide, in terms of culture and content needs.
  • The rise of user-generated content has allowed Zinio to further personalize their offering, based on the kind of content that customers create and consume.
  • Customers’ interests and usage habits have evolved over the course of the pandemic, and the company has adapted their social media strategy and timing accordingly.
  • Zinio’s global content strategy is focused on readers, applicable in multiple markets, and constantly updated depending on what’s happening in the world.
  • It’s not just about translating or localizing content, but understanding the peculiarities of each and every market.

Understanding cultural differences and translating them into marketing opportunities and campaigns is the most fascinating part of my job.

Rapid-fire recs

What’s an app or tool that you can’t work without?

I mainly use the mainstream ones like Monday, Trello and Slack. Despite operating in a digital-only environment, I still rely a lot on pen and paper as well—it helps me remember things and encourages creativity. And I use a daily meditation app to disconnect from work, which really compliments the hustle and bustle of working in a digital space.

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A marketing influencer who you follow?

I’m a big fan of Seth Godin; I’ve been reading his books, watching his TED Talks, following his blog and reading his newsletter on a daily basis. I really like his approach to marketing, which is very straightforward and easy to apply to my own marketing challenges.

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A valuable resource, event or group?

Because of my past experience, I’m thinking of publishing groups and associations like the PPA (Professional Publishers Association) in the UK. This is my go-to place for resources, webinars, workshops and events. They’ve created a platform for publishers to connect and share knowledge, and I really recommend it to anyone working in the publishing industry.

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This post was edited by Melissa Haun, a freelance content creator based in Lisbon.

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