As the world has moved online this year, we’ve all had to navigate digital relationships—whether with family, friends or professional contacts. The latter is especially relevant for us, as our goal at The Content Mix is to create an online community of content and marketing professionals in Europe. But we’re not the only ones!

Luckily, there are plenty of online networking groups that provide support, advice and opportunities for people in our sector. Some are specific to certain roles or areas, while others are open to people in a variety of positions around the world.

Top online networking groups for the content marketing industry

Our podcast guests have shared some of their favorite online networking groups for content marketing professionals. Check out their recommendations below!

1. Global Marketing & Communications Professionals

Who it’s for: This group was created by two marketing professionals with extensive global experience, and serves as a space to connect top-tier industry professionals. It’s a place to network, share knowledge and explore new opportunities.

Why you should join: “It includes about 8,000 marketing professionals from all over the world who share lots of interesting content on a daily basis. You can interact with fellow members, comment on the content they publish and network with them. It’s definitely beneficial for your professional life.” – Gessica Lomonte

Where to find it: Global Marketing & Communications Professionals on LinkedIn

2. The Social Media Managers Hub

Who it’s for: Freelance social media managers can join this exclusive Facebook community to exchange ideas and advice. In order to be accepted into the group, you’ll need to confirm that you are in fact a freelance social media manager and tell them where you trained. You can also find related resources at The Hub.

Why you should join: “It’s a great source of tips and support, particularly in the B2C space.” – Aoife Noone

Where to find it: The Social Media Managers Hub on Facebook

3. The Content Mix

Who it’s for: We created The Content Mix as a place for communications professionals in Europe to share opportunities, knowledge and support. Members are encouraged to ask questions and give advice related to careers in content management, marketing and writing. We also run a podcast, events (virtual for now) and a monthly newsletter—in addition to this website, of course!

Why you should join: “It was through this community that I broke into the world of communications in Europe and found my first role at VeraContent, plus many more opportunities since. It’s no coincidence that I’m writing for The Content Mix now—this is where it all began.” – Melissa Haun

Where to find it: The Content Mix on Facebook

4. The Marketing Meetup

Who it’s for: The Marketing Meetup started out as a series of networking events for marketing professionals in the UK, but today it’s evolved to encompass an online community of international members. Join the Facebook group to listen, learn, support and share knowledge with fellow marketers in a positive environment.

Why you should join: “It’s a small network for marketing professionals that started in the UK but has since expanded across Europe and even to the US, and the fact that it’s grown so much really shows the kind of influence Joe Glover (its founder) has on this industry.” – Jake Potter

Where to find it: The Marketing Meetup on Facebook

5. The Social Media Geek Out

Who it’s for: This is an online community for social media pros, created and led by Matt Navarra—who also happens to be one of our podcast guests’ favorite industry influencers. The group is meant to provide support and spark conversation about all things social media, from news and events to tips and job opportunities.

Why you should join: “This group is great for talking about the nitty gritty details of social media management and getting your technical questions answered by the experts. Matt also does a great job keeping the group up to date on industry news and the latest changes on each platform.” – Shaheen Samavati

Where to find it: The Social Media Geek Out on Facebook

Image courtesy of The Social Media Geek Out

Want to find out more about Matt and other influential experts? Check out our post on 8 inspiring content and marketing influencers to follow.

6. Third Sector PR & Comms Network

Who it’s for: The third sector comprises non-governmental nonprofit organizations (as opposed to the public and private sectors). This group is for people who work in communications, public relations and marketing in this area—mostly based in the UK—to share relevant contacts, advice, events, resources and job openings.

Why you should join: “It’s a great networking group and space for charity comms professionals in the UK to meet and discuss ideas and learn about opportunities.” – Dimple Vijaykumar

Where to find it: Third Sector PR & Comms Network on Facebook

7. Women in Localization

Who it’s for: This is the leading professional organization for women and their allies in the localization industry. Its goal is to work toward equality in this field, and to create a community of professional support. Its global chapters offer opportunities for networking, education, career advancement, mentoring and recognition of members’ accomplishments.

Why you should join: “Everyone in the group shares resources and job opportunities. They have a monthly newsletter, and it’s great to share insights and speak with other people in the same industry.” Jordanna Ber

Where to find it: Women in Localization on LinkedIn

Women in Localization is a leading professional organization on LinkedIn for women working in the localization industry
Image courtesy of Women in Localization

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