What we did:

We’ve been working with Ria Money Transfer since 2023, helping them execute their global social media strategy for Facebook and TikTok.

One of the first projects we carried out was to create four main Facebook pages in their main four languages—English, French, Spanish and Portuguese—and create a strategy that aligned with their brand: close to their customers, down to earth, and aware of the difficulties that migrants face when sending money internationally.

As part of their social media strategy, Ria Money Transfer asks us to help them create and share UGC videos—in other words, videos created by users—to promote their app in different target markets.

For this project, the client provided us with the script, which we were asked to proofread. We then contacted several content creators and presented the profiles to the client. Once they were approved, we sent the creators the relevant brand materials, including the script, brand guidelines and screen recordings. The videos were sent to the client to be featured across their social media channels in four different languages.