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What we did:

We provide content creation and localization services to our client Visable, with the goal of optimizing their blogs, including: Visable 360, Inside Business (wlw) and EUROPAGES

Visable mostly assigns articles originally written in German for us to translate and localize into French, English, Italian and Spanish for their Europages blog. 

Sometimes these articles are about general topics that we can translate without making substantial changes to the original content.

However, there are cases in which the articles are very specific to the German market—with data from local surveys and findings—and thus translating them would not make sense at all to Visable’s target audiences.

In these cases, we have to ask our linguists to rewrite and tailor the articles for their market, adding in local examples and findings. The article above is an example of this.

In this article, the topic was the widespread strikes across various industries and blockades that started in January 2024, and how they affect the B2B market in Germany. The types of strikes and the impact of these events mentioned were very country specific, so we asked our linguists to research the situation in their own country and rewrite the article, following the same structure but with findings from their market.