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What we did:

Sony Music Spain asked us to translate well-known Argentine artist Nathy Peluso’s single, Emergencia, into English and create the English subtitles for the music video—released for the launch of Playstation’s “Horizon Forbidden West” video game.

Due to Nathy Peluso’s complex song lyrics, previous translations of her music struggled to capture her vision as an artist. This was the main challenge that Sony Music Spain had when coming to VeraContent.

Translating the song, Emergencia, was a highly complex process with several components to keep in mind. We needed to accurately capture the meaning and nuances of the lyrics, as well as the artist’s personality and voice. The translation was also used as subtitles that had to fit within the context and space of the music video, making this even more challenging as the words should complement the images on the screen.

With the help of several creative linguists who were already familiar with the artist’s music, we successfully adapted the Spanish song lyrics into English and uploaded them to the video within three days.

According to our client from Sony Music Spain: “VeraContent is the only translation solution we’ve worked with that could accurately adapt the Spanish lyrics into English while capturing all the nuances and context of the song—and also reflecting the artist’s unique voice, writing style and power.”

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