Like many of our guests on The Content Mix podcast, Mark Duffy didn’t study marketing, but later found his way into the field. After working as a web developer for several big-name companies, Mark’s role eventually shifted into marketing. Today he’s the digital marketing manager for the EMEA region at Lumenis, a global leader in medical devices.

Shaheen Samavati interviews Mark in today’s podcast episode, discussing topics such as the benefits of super niche marketing and reaching specific audiences through tailored ads on LinkedIn. He also shares his thoughts on the acceleration of digital marketing due to COVID-19.

You can watch the full conversation in the video above or on YouTube, and listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify.

Rapid-fire recs  

  • Recommended reading:
    • Atomic Habits by James Clear. “He explains how to implement habits that breed success into your life, whether that be for your personal life, or the way that you work.”
    • Not a Life Coach by James Smith. “He talks a lot about how to live in a better way and focus on the things that are important to you.”
  • Productivity hack: Separate work and living space. “Make sure that you set working times and adhere to a certain setup. I sit in a home office, I have specific clothes that I wear when I’m working. I don’t work in the areas of my home that I use for relaxing and I set times to take breaks.”
  • Favorite apps:
    • Instagram. “People are becoming incredibly visual in the way that they learn and the way that they like to interact. It’s a really cool platform.”
    • LinkedIn. “In terms of a B2B social platform, it’s head and shoulders above any of the others. It’s a great platform to start business conversations and to connect yourself with the correct people.”
  • Useful resources:
    • Think with Google newsletter. “It covers various topics about marketing. I read it every week and it’s one of my favorites.”
    • YouTube. “I like to listen to things that don’t necessarily relate to my industry, like ideas that I think I could bring into the industry or to the work that I do. I like learning from the outside and bringing in new, fresh ideas that can disrupt typical ways of working.”
    • Modern Wisdom podcast. “It’s people having conversations about the ways in which they succeed in their unique areas. It’s fantastic.”
  • Source of inspiration: Mark Zuckerberg. “He publishes some really nice content, and of course, he’s accomplished so much. He’s definitely an inspiring and cool guy.”

“I think a lot of people often make the mistake of thinking a bigger audience is better, which is something I disagree with for the most part. I really want to be specific. I want to know who I’m talking to. I want to know who’s going to interact with our content.”

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This post was edited by Mary Kresge.

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