Reducing food waste, one community at a time

How Too Good To Go is building communities across Europe passionate about reducing food waste

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Too Good To Go, a certified B Corp social impact company that connects users with partner stores to rescue unsold food and stop it from going to waste, trusts VeraContent to manage five of their localized Facebook and Instagram accounts and adapt their marketing content for European audiences.

We first started working with Too Good To Go in early 2023 to provide monthly community management for five markets: the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. We also localize several types of marketing content for Too Good To Go on an ongoing basis, including social media content, landing pages and user guides.

Here are a few highlights of the projects we’ve worked on with Too Good To Go so far:


local community managers


languages for content localization

The challenge

As a global brand, localization plays a key role in allowing Too Good To Go to effectively communicate with their diverse user base across various channels and in a meaningful way. It also helps to drive engagement, achieve their goal of reducing global food waste and build trust and credibility with users.

Localization is prioritized on Instagram and Facebook, while their TikTok and X (formerly Twitter) channels focus on English content to broaden their reach. They currently have 17 different Instagram channels and Facebook pages, with content tailored for each audience.

Maintaining so many channels requires an efficient workflow for localizing content, and for engaging with the communities in each language. 

“With Too Good To Go quickly growing from a startup to a scaleup, one of our biggest obstacles has been closely monitoring all the conversations that our community has with us,” said Gisela Casanovas, global social media manager at Too Good To Go.

Engagement is a key metric for their marketing team, and they need the right tools and resources to effectively track and measure it across all social media channels.

Our solution

We currently work with Too Good To Go in two key areas:

  • Instagram and Facebook community management for five markets: Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Denmark and Sweden
  • Localization of marketing materials on an as-needed basis for any of the 17 markets they are present in

We've assembled a team of native, locally based community managers to run the client's social media accounts for the five markets mentioned above. The community managers post localized content provided by Too Good To Go’s in-house teams and interact with local audiences on Instagram and Facebook. They also develop new and interactive ways to create engagement using Stories. The community managers repurpose content from previous feed posts and do external research in order to create original content for the Stories.

We also localize marketing content on an as-needed basis, which has included social media content, user guides and landing pages.

As part of the localization service, we establish style guides to ensure linguists get the right tone and follow all brand guidelines for each audience.

Too Good To Go’s story

Since its launch in 2016, Too Good To Go has helped to save over 250 million meals from going to waste—equivalent to 625,000 tonnes of CO2e avoided. According to Project Drawdown (2020), fighting food waste is the number one solution to help solve the climate crisis by limiting the temperature rise to just 2˚C by 2100.

Too Good To Go connects app users with businesses to rescue and save unsold food at local grocery stores, coffee houses, bakeries, restaurants, and more.

The app currently operates in Europe—the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, The Netherlands, Austria and Norway—and North America—Canada and the USA.

Gisela Casanovas Too Good To Go


VeraContent has helped us improve and optimize our community management processes. Thanks to the extra support from their native linguists, we can trust that our social media content is localized in a way that fits the context and culture of each region.

Gisela Casanovas

Global social media manager at Too Good To Go

The outcome

By collaborating with VeraContent, Too Good To Go has found the trust and support they need to navigate the complex task of adapting their content to different language markets and cultures. 

“Being supported by native linguists helps us to not only localize the content but also make it more relatable in terms of context and culture,” Gisela said. 

Through our expertise, Too Good To Go has obtained valuable insights into the preferences, cultural nuances and communication styles of their local audiences. This knowledge has enabled them to enhance their processes and tailor their content more effectively, resulting in stronger engagement and connection with their users.

They value our commitment to quality, attention to detail, availability and reactivity. The ongoing community management across the five localized Instagram and Facebook pages has also helped to nurture and grow a thriving community focused on fighting food waste.

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Generating global B2B leads via thought leadership

How Mapp increased their leads and conversions with a high-quality multilingual thought leadership campaign

Mapp Digital client story

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Leading provider of customer intelligence and marketing analytics, Mapp, trusts VeraContent to streamline their multilingual thought leadership content creation.

We first collaborated with Mapp in 2021 and have since produced meaningful content hand-in-hand with their marketing team. The ongoing services we provide Mapp include writing articles for their website and guest blog posts for their partners’ websites, transcreating and localizing content into German, French and Italian, as well as graphic design work.

A noteworthy project we helped them with consisted of producing a variety of content for a thought leadership campaign called, “Retail of the Future.” The content we created included an e-guide, blog posts, landing pages and LinkedIn content in English (US & UK), Italian and German (DACH).

The Retail of the Future campaign was one of Mapp’s most successful campaigns in 2022, resulting in:


leads in 3 months from e-guide downloads

+1 min

average time spent on page (EN)


leads converted

The challenge

As a tech vendor, producing high-quality content is essential for Mapp to generate leads. In addition to lead generation content, Mapp also regularly creates content that their partners can co-sponsor. Due to their global presence, it’s also essential that they localize their content for their key markets, namely the UK and US (EN), DACH (DE), Italy (IT), France (FR) and Latin America and Spain (ES).

However, their in-house content creation team has limited capacity to produce a high volume of content in multiple languages. They first started working with freelancers to increase content production, but managing the multiple briefs and different creators for each language quickly became complicated.

To streamline and simplify the multilingual content creation process, Mapp wanted to work with an agency who could manage everything. 

“It's easier when you have one contact so that everybody always speaks to the same person. It helps to keep track of what's happening,” said Esther Lago Méndez, partner marketing associate director at Mapp.

Another challenge is that while Mapp’s in-house content team has a broad knowledge base, they’re not experts in certain topics—which becomes tricky when content briefs require a specific level of expertise.

Our solution

To help streamline and increase their multilingual content production, we assist Mapp with the following:

  • Producing localized blog posts for their website
  • Transcreating content into German, French and Italian 
  • Collaborating with Mapp’s partners by writing blog posts about specific e-commerce topics, which are then published on their partners’ websites.
  • Designing visually engaging content for their website

One notable project with Mapp was to create all content for a campaign called “Retail of the Future,” an e-guide for retailers exploring innovations and industry trends. It featured a mix of thought leadership content, statistics, predictions, tips on how retailers and e-commerce can work together, and client testimonials. 

In addition to the e-guide, we also created a few blog posts (here’s an example), landing page and LinkedIn posts centered around the campaign. All of the content was first created in English, then translated and localized into German and Italian.

We helped to streamline the entire process, providing Mapp with one point of contact, who then managed all content creators working on the English, German and Italian versions.

Thanks to our previously successful projects together, Mapp was able to provide a single brief and trust that we’d produce the high-quality content they were looking for. 

“It’s not easy to put together thought leadership content. But with VeraContent, I know that you’ll allocate the right expert writer for each brief that we send through,” said Esther Lago Méndez.

Since the specialist writers used on this project were highly knowledgeable on the retail and e-commerce industry, they were able to add in their own expert insights while researching the topic beyond the resources provided by Mapp.

We also managed to produce all of the content for this campaign with a quick turnaround time—something that their in-house team would not have been able to manage.

Mapp’s story

Mapp is a leading provider of insight-led customer experiences with global offices across five countries, including the US, UK, France, Italy and Germany. With a goal to liberate marketers from making gut-based decisions, Mapp supports over 700 customers worldwide, including those in retail, ecommerce, finance, insurance, media, publishing and other industries. 

Their insight-led approach combines data with artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights for companies to self-optimize and personalize cross-channel campaigns. 

In addition to providing the technology that optimizes the use of customer data, Mapp offers dedicated human support to ensure their customers see an immediate and ongoing ROI.


Working with VeraContent is like having someone in-house who automatically gets it. They already know Mapp’s tone of voice and how to write for our brand, so not much is required from our side.

Esther Lago Méndez

Partner Marketing Associate Director

The outcome

The Retail of the Future campaign was one of Mapp’s most successful campaigns in 2022.

The downloadable e-guide generated over 600 leads in three months and led to 15 conversions. Another impressive result of the campaign was the time spent on the e-guide download landing page. Since it wasn’t a simple landing page, but rather a detailed page listing each section of the guide, the average time spent on the page was over a minute.

While Mapp’s in-house content team is small, with the help of VeraContent, they’re able to produce large volumes of high-quality content for their key markets, including the UK, US, DACH, Italy, France and most recently Spain and Latin American. As our relationship grows, we’re continuing to produce regular multilingual content for their website and partner collaborations, as well as jumping onto ad-hoc projects.

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Captivating cat lovers across the globe

How VeraContent developed an award-winning multilingual content campaign for Sanicat

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Spanish petcare brand, Sanicat, has trusted VeraContent to manage its multilingual blog, local social media accounts and paid ad strategy since 2015.

We first started working with Sanicat to create and translate content into seven languages for its multilingual blog and website, as well as run several of its local social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. More recently, we also began advising the brand on creative content ideas and paid ad strategy—which has led to international recognition for both VeraContent and Sanicat.

Our relationship with Sanicat has involved several ongoing projects over the years. Highlights include:


language markets managed across blog, web and social


follower growth in key markets


in engagement thanks to influencer collaborations

The challenge

Sanicat is successful in multiple markets, namely Spain, UK, France, Portugal, Turkey, Netherlands, Italy and Latin America. To connect with these audiences on a personal level, Sanicat’s website is available in seven languages. The brand also has a multilingual blog and several local social media accounts to cater to each market.

The challenge that Sanicat faces is adapting all of these content channels in a way that truly resonates with such diverse audiences—who speak different languages, have different values and come from different cultures.

For example, when launching holiday campaigns on social media, the brand has to be very careful to tailor each campaign for each specific market. In addition, Sanicat needs to make sure that native-level community managers can engage audiences on each social media channel.

Finding the right team of local translators, writers and social media managers to do this on a regular basis is an enormous obstacle for Sanicat. And that’s where VeraContent comes in.

Our solution

We work very closely with Sanicat to offer an extensive number of services. We’ve assembled a strong team of local community managers, translators and writers to adapt Sanicat’s content into all of its target languages: English (UK and US), Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), French, Italian, Dutch and Turkish.

Our team not only creates and adapts text for the company’s website, blog and social media channels, but also localizes images, uploads the content onto its website, and posts it on social media.

In addition, our project managers run the brand’s monthly content calendar to ensure all content is relevant for each market, and that community managers respond in a timely manner to the brand’s audiences.

We’ve also set up monthly paid ads via Meta Ads Manager, and came up with a strategy using original video content made by our team specifically for the paid ads. We did this by using reviews from customers from each market, and repurposing this blog post and turning it into a video.

Sanicat’s story

Founded more than 60 years ago, Sanicat is a Spanish petcare brand that is now operating and respected worldwide. It offers a wide range of pet care products, including high-quality cat litter, biodegradable wet wipes and dog shampoo.

In addition to its impressive product range, the company has an informative blog called “SaniCorner” that advises pet owners around the world on the best ways to take care of their furry friends.


When I started at Sanicat, VeraContent was already embedded as an extension of our team. I was impressed with their efficiency and creativity from the start of our relationship, and working with them has made my job as a marketing manager so much easier.

María Luisa Ramirez

Digital Marketer at Tolsa

Black Cat Awareness Campaign: An example of our award-winning work

Most recently, we collaborated with Sanicat to launch a multilingual campaign to raise awareness around black cats and change people’s perceptions of them—from bringing bad luck to good luck. This campaign was shortlisted for the European Content Awards 2023 under the category “Best multilingual content campaign of the year.”

Our team came up with the idea for the campaign and executed it from start to finish. Over the course of Black Cat Awareness Month, we created and shared a heartwarming video, nine social media creative pieces and two blog posts (one to launch the campaign, and one to conclude the campaign). We adapted all of this content into seven languages and shared it across eight of Sanicat’s local accounts in Europe and Latin America. We also adapted and uploaded the two blog posts in seven languages onto Sanicat’s website.

The campaign encouraged followers to engage with the brand by sharing photos and stories of their black cats. We received a total of 28 user-generated stories and selected eight of them to localize and share across the brand’s channels.

This interactive and international campaign showcased Sanicat’s care and dedication to all cats, while allowing the brand’s followers across the world to participate in Black Cat Awareness month in an impactful way.

The campaign not only required the help of our in-house project managers and marketing department, but also our trusted network of local community managers that run Sanicat’s social media channels and answer users’ messages directly.

We ran the campaign on Sanicat’s European (EN) Instagram and Facebook profiles and also adapted and shared the content across their Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands and Turkey Instagram and Facebook profiles and their Latin American Instagram profile.

The outcome

The results of our collaboration with Sanicat have been paramount to the company’s global success. We translated Sanicat’s website in 2015 into seven languages, including all of its product descriptions. Yet that was only the beginning.

As we continued to write and adapt content for the brand’s website, we soon started managing Sanicat’s social media accounts, including North America, Spain and Turkish Facebook. In 2021, we opened the Dutch Facebook and Instagram accounts; in 2022 we opened the LATAM Instagram account; and in 2023 we took over the Turkish Instagram account.

We also implemented a cat litter selector on their website in seven languages, translated with the help of our community managers and implemented by our web developer.

Thanks to our community managers' interaction with regional audiences, we have also been able to organize collaborations with catfluencers in the Netherlands and Spain, which increased the number of followers and brand awareness across these markets.

The recent Black Cat Awareness campaign is just one example of the numerous multilingual projects we’ve run for Sanicat, involving marketing translation, multilingual content creation, social media management, local community management, graphic design localization and paid ad strategy.

This not only increased follower engagement, but also highlighted the brand's care and dedication to all cats. More results of the campaign include:

  • Shortlisted for the European Content Awards 2023 under the category “Best multilingual content campaign of the year.” 
  • In total, 28 stories came in from 6 of the 8 markets we ran the campaign in (Italy, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and LATAM). We selected 8 of these stories to share across all of the brand’s channels.
  • Of the 10 social media posts (each translated into seven languages and shared across eight markets), we received a total of 1,716 reactions across Facebook and Instagram (sum of likes, comments and shares on all posts in all markets).
  • 12 of the 20 posts with the most reactions on Facebook and 9 of the 20 with the most reactions on Instagram for the month were from the campaign. The video received the most engagement and was the ninth post with the most reactions for the year in Spain and first post with the most reactions for the year in Turkey.
  • The Sanicat accounts gained 45 new followers on Facebook and 200 new followers on Instagram across all markets in October.


Entering this award was the result of a beautiful collaboration among professionals from all over the world.

Our campaign was conducted in seven different languages and everyone involved worked very closely together, sharing valuable insights from their own market, and putting their heart into sharing real heartwarming stories.

This recognition is a great accomplishment for our team and a reflection of our hard work.

Aurélie Berson

Project Manager at VeraContent

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Demonstrating expertise in the CRM space

How redk has established thought leadership in the CRM and CX space with consistent, high-quality content

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CRM transformation and customer experience experts, redk, have developed a long-term and ever-expanding relationship with VeraContent to produce a variety of internal and external content.

We started working with redk in 2018 to produce weekly blog posts in English and Spanish. We’ve since expanded our relationship to create bilingual social media posts, case studies, white papers, articles and other internal communications. Our relationship is continuously evolving to include new projects and initiatives.

Our relationship with redk involves several ongoing projects. Highlights include:


blog posts published each year


case studies created in EN and ES


YoY increase on LinkedIn follower base


average time spent on website


Ranked on the top 10 CRM blogs in the UK

The challenge

As a firm that started in Spain, redk already had a well-established presence in that market when they approached VeraContent in 2018. At the time, they were looking to build a new audience in the UK, while further strengthening their reputation in Spain.

High-quality content plays an integral role in positioning redk as industry thought leaders, since their target audience focuses on C-suite and senior-level professionals, including CEOs, CTOs, COOs, CMOs and directors.

To successfully connect with this audience on their level, redk aimed to improve their content quality, style and tone of voice. redk’s marketing team knew they needed to partner with a content agency that would put the time and effort required into understanding their unique services and pain points, while working together to find solutions that would enable them to grow.

Hideki Hashimura, CRM/CX strategist and CMO at redk, emphasized the “importance of finding a company that could and would establish the right team to meet our needs and goals, from the project manager to the writers and translators.”

Our solution

From the start of our relationship, we focused on learning as much as possible about redk’s niche industry and unique tone of voice—including joining many hands-on training sessions. There was a lot of industry-specific terminology to learn and technical understanding to get to grips with, considering we had never worked in this sector before.

With this acquired knowledge and established workflow, redk trusts us to provide consistent, high-quality thought leadership content that is always delivered on time and to the brief.

We have produced over 100 multilingual blog posts each year, including articles that dive into how their products work, industry news and other highly technical topics. Over the years, redk has continued to entrust us with more tasks and responsibilities. Our scope includes weekly bilingual social media content and ad hoc case studies, whitepapers and articles.

We’ve produced six case studies, including one on 2buy2. Creating the case studies requires our team to dive deeper into redk’s processes to effectively put into words how they help their clients.

Part of redk’s philosophy is that you can’t achieve anything without working with others. Our collaboration with redk is based on this philosophy, where we’ve emphasized building an open, honest and communicative relationship with the redk team. As Hideki puts it:

“The VeraContent team is willing and eager to learn about any new idea we have and how they can help us make it come to life. This benefits us and, in turn, benefits our clients.”

redk's story

redk is a consulting firm that transforms organizations by optimizing sales, marketing, customer experience and other processes with best-in-class technology tools. Their end-to-end service includes consultation, software integration and training.

The redk team are experts at integrating tools from the following providers: SugarCRM, Salesforce, Zendesk Services, AmazonWS RPA, Acoustic Marketing, Laiye Intelligent Automation,, 8×8 CRM Telephony, Aircall and Klint.


Our relationship has evolved, evident by the fact that VeraContent first started as an agency that only helped us with our blog but now also helps us with social media, case studies, whitepapers and ad hoc internal and external initiatives.

Any new idea we have, they’re willing and eager to learn about it and how they can help us make it come to life.

Hideki Hashimura

CRM/CX Strategist and CMO at redk CRM Solutions

The outcome

Thanks to the consistent, high-quality bilingual blog posts, the average time spent on their website has doubled since the start of our collaboration. Their blog has also consistently been listed in the top 10 CRM blogs in the UK since 2020.

As a result of our weekly social media content, redk has had a 30% year-over-year increase in their LinkedIn follower base for the last three years. The case studies produced have also been used beyond their website, giving redk further material to reach potential clients.

redk’s marketing team is small but has a presence in two major markets—the UK and Spain. Without VeraContent, they wouldn’t have the bandwidth to produce enough content for both regions. Our partnership has allowed their marketing team to focus on other areas without worrying about their content production.

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Taking Spanish music global

How Sony Music Spain is sharing Spanish music across a global audience with high-quality English subtitles

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World-renowned Sony Music Spain trusted VeraContent with creatively translating a Spanish song into English while accurately capturing the artist’s unique personality and nuanced lyrics.

Sony Music Spain asked VeraContent to translate well-known Argentine artist Nathy Peluso’s single, Emergencia, into English and create the English subtitles for the music video—released for the launch of Playstation’s “Horizon Forbidden West” video game.





+3 million

views in the first month

The Challenge

Due to Nathy Peluso’s complex song lyrics, previous translations of her music struggled to capture her vision as an artist. This was the main challenge that Sony Music Spain had when coming to VeraContent.

Translating the song, Emergencia, was a highly complex process with several components to keep in mind. We needed to accurately capture the meaning and nuances of the lyrics, as well as the artist’s personality and voice. The translation was also used as subtitles that had to fit within the context and space of the music video, making this even more challenging as the words should complement the images on the screen.

As Luis Ángeles, video commissioner at Sony Music Spain, says, “It’s not only the translation of mere words but of a stylistic universe in the form of ‘poetry’ that is synthesized in a text.”

Lyrics also don’t follow proper language standards, conventions, spelling and grammar. In Emergencia, the artist uses a lot of slang and Spanglish. For example, "llamada di emergencia'' replaces "de" with "di", and Nathy Peluso pronounces “emergencia” in a mix between English and Spanish. These all needed to be translated while still keeping the song’s flow and capturing the subtleties, accents and intonations that reflect the artist’s character.

In addition, the lyrics in Emergencia also refer to idioms in the Spanish language that needed to be appropriately conveyed in English—without necessarily trying to force an equivalent expression into the text.

Our solution

Before translating the lyrics, we were given access to the video pre-release to help us better understand the concept and Nathy Peluso’s vision for the song. It was important that the subtitles reflected the context of the music video.

Since this project required a more in-depth creative process, we had two linguists collaborate on the first draft of the song translation. The linguists selected were highly creative and familiar with the artist's music. By already being familiar with Nathy Peluso’s full discography, style and back story, we quickly got into her character to create lyrics she would have written herself had she been a native English speaker.

We then also asked some of our native Spanish linguists to contribute to the translation by further explaining nuances and expressions tweaked in the source text for creative purposes.

After finalizing the English translation, we then created the subtitles and adapted them to an SRT file, which is what enables subtitles on the final video. This entire process was completed in only three days from start to finish.

Sony’s story

Sony Music Spain is the Spanish home of global record label Sony Music Entertainment. Local Spanish artists under the label include Nathy Peluso, Rosalía, Amaia Montero, Dani Martín, India Martínez, Joaquín Sabina, Joan Manuel Serrat, C Tangana, Malú and Melendi, among others.

In addition to music production and representation, Sony Music Spain also distributes their artists' music on a global scale. Songs from Spanish-speaking artists like Nathy Peluso and Rosalía transcend cultures and borders, attracting an international audience. Because of this, Spanish music is playing an increasingly important role in the global music market—particularly in the U.S.

So, it’s a key priority for Sony Music Spain to keep the connection alive between Spanish artists and their international fans. The English translation of the lyrics is one of the first bridges to making a global Latin artist known to a non-Spanish speaking world.


VeraContent is the only translation solution we’ve worked with that could accurately adapt the Spanish lyrics into English while capturing all the nuances and context of the song—and also reflecting the artist’s unique voice, writing style and power.

Luis Ángeles

Video Commissioner at Sony Music Spain

The outcome

After a highly collaborative process, we produced an English translation of Emergencia that captures the same meaning, emotions and story conveyed in the original version. Our translation remained faithful to the artist's independent, fearless and powerful personality and reflected her original vision for the song.

One particular line that we’re extremely proud of is the translation of “He perdido mis anillos en el batalleo” to “I got my hands dirty in the daily grind.” The original lyric refers to the expression “caerse los anillos,” which essentially means doing the dirty work to get the job done. But, it also implies that the “dirty work” you're doing is below your “rank” and thus your “rings have fallen off.” We were happy to maintain some kind of visual reference to hands since the original line conjures up images of regal rings falling off someone's fingers.

The Emergencia music video was released on YouTube on 18 February 2022 and had nearly 3.4 million views and 122 thousand likes in its first month.

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Connecting with students worldwide

How IE University uses an effective content strategy to optimize their student journey

IE University

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Top-ranking international university, IE University, trusts VeraContent with a multitude of English content creation projects.

Since 2017, we’ve been working with IE University, fostering a solid relationship with their marketing teams. Thanks to our long-standing partnership, we’ve successfully collaborated on a variety of projects. Two of our most recent collaborations have involved developing a workflow and creating content for their blog, Uncover IE, and for a program brochure standardization project.

Many of our projects with IE University are ongoing, but two highlights of working with them so far include:


visits to the Uncover IE blog every week


articles produced in two months thanks to an efficient workflow


brochures produced over eight months

The Challenge

IE University attracts a diverse range of students—not just in terms of nationalities, but also in levels of professional experience, industry backgrounds and professional needs. Their challenge comes in providing content that speaks to all students, no matter their background.

To better connect with all prospective students, they needed to streamline their student journey—ensuring that their academic offering is clear to their diverse target audience. This would involve consolidating a singular, transversal tone and personality that communicates to all prospective students in the same way, while allowing them to find the best program area for their needs and goals. 

Our solution

In the process of creating a more student-centric, unified approach to their content strategy, we have assisted IE University on two key projects:

Program brochure standardization project

Uncover IE blog

Thanks to our long-standing relationship with IE University, we’ve built a strong connection with their marketing team. “We’re at that point in our relationship where we’re already saying what’s on each other's minds,” says Alejandro Pedroche, senior marketing manager at IE University.

One of the main reasons they continue working with VeraContent is because we provide them peace of mind and confidence that we’ll get things done. Each project that we tackle with IE University involves collaborating with their internal marketing teams and designers—and they trust us enough to interact directly with the various parties involved.

We have assisted with getting both projects mentioned above off the ground—from fine-tuning the strategy to establishing effective workflows and managing the content production.

Program brochure standardization project:

This ongoing project involves developing a new style of brochure for the university's programs. All brochures follow the same structure and uphold a cohesive, consistent transversal tone. Along with setting up the workflow and helping to create the program structure, we write the brochure content, offer feedback on the design of the brochures and work to update brochures as needed over time.

These topics were quite technical, so each article needed to be written by someone We collaborated with their various marketing managers and the design team to create the set format and tone guidelines, as well as ensuring that the focus of each program is accurate.

Uncover IE blog:

Targeting current and prospective students, the Uncover IE blog launched in April 2021. The blog is a form of inbound marketing, contributing to the student journey by providing helpful information about the university’s academic offering, including how to apply, why their programs are valuable, and where their programs can lead students.

We helped set up the blog guidelines, providing insights and recommendations for the tone, style and personality of the content to give the blog a consistent, unified voice. We also helped build an efficient workflow from scratch, allowing us to submit 30 engaging and informative articles in just two months.

We continue to create high-quality content for the blog as part of our ongoing collaboration on Uncover IE.

IE University’s story

IE University is one of the top international universities based in Spain, with locations in Segovia and Madrid. There are over 130 nationalities represented in their classrooms, with a global alumni network of over 60,000 professionals.

Recognized worldwide, they are renowned for their thriving student community, innovative learning methodology, entrepreneurial spirit and humanistic approach to education.

The university offers undergraduate, post-graduate and executive programs in seven different areas, including Business & Management, Marketing, Communication & Sales, Design & Architecture, Finance, Economics & Trade, Law, International Affairs & Public Policy, Technology & Data and Leadership & Talent Development.


It has been great to have specific intelligence and strategy behind our content generation.

Alejandro Pedroche

Senior Marketing Manager at IE University

The outcome

After several years of working together, we feel very much a part of their team, and they appreciate and value our input, feedback and transparent communication.

We continue to grow our collaboration with IE University, working on more projects. “I think this shows a lot of the confidence that we have in VeraContent in terms of managing these kinds of projects,” says Alejandro.

Program brochure standardization project:

So far, IE University has received great feedback on their updated program brochures from their internal departments and students. Everything is structured in the same way, making navigating content across departments a lot easier.

Thanks to the clear, coherent structure and workflow developed, we can apply the same format to brochures for new programs. The standard format is something that IE University can continue using, allowing them to maintain a clear academic offering and optimize their student journey.

Uncover IE blog:

The Uncover IE blog now gets about 800 organic visits per week. We’ve focused on creating high-quality, extremely relevant content that the students want to read. Every piece of content is well thought out, SEO optimized for specific keywords and links to other content on their website—ensuring that everything is connected and encourages readers to keep on reading.

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Conquering the global real estate market

How Spotahome used SEO-optimized content to conquer the global real estate market—and its clients’ hearts


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Global real estate platform Spotahome trusts VeraContent to help optimize its communication with local audiences across Europe—in six different languages.

We provide SEO-optimized and localized content for the platform’s website, plus sales and marketing materials in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Portuguese. Our work has helped Spotahome to boost search traffic and gain loyal customers in local markets.

After just three months of working with VeraContent, Spotahome saw these results:


increase in traffic to sections of the website tailored to landlords


languages with higher-ranking SEO keywords


landing pages in 3 weeks, produced in collaboration with 12 linguists across Europe

The Challenge

As Spotahome expanded rapidly across 11 European cities, so did its need for multilingual content. Now all of its external communications are carried out in six languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Portuguese. That includes all of its web content, sales and marketing materials, and customer interactions. 

According to Spotahome’s Brand and Communications Manager, Melissa Lyras, “The biggest challenge of working across European markets is the complexity of managing content in different languages.” 

That’s why Spotahome works closely with a multilingual content and localization agency that understands its business and unique terminology. This makes it possible to effectively convey the intended meaning of its content in each and every market.

Our solution

Spotahome enlisted VeraContent to localize and create SEO-optimized website content in all six of the languages it works with.

Mauro Agatone, SEO Specialist at Spotahome, is in charge of optimizing the company’s massive website for search. He oversees the production of a large amount of multilingual content for blog posts and landing pages.

“I’m a former journalist, so I always think a lot about content, and I know from experience how important it is for optimizing a website,” Mauro says. “You can have a sleek design and an amazing product, but if your content is full of grammar mistakes, it’s bad for Google and even worse for users. They’re not going to come back.”

That’s just one reason Spotahome chose to invest in quality localized content. Another one was SEO: “When looking for an apartment abroad, a lot of people search in the language of the market they’re moving to, because they don’t expect real estate websites to be in English,” Mauro said. 

This means Spotahome needs to translate SEO-optimized content into the local language as soon as it enters a new market—to attract traffic from both landlords, who tend to be local, and tenants, who tend to be international.

For a recent project, Spotahome wanted to target landlords with more focused content. They decided to create several articles to answer questions like “How much is my rental property worth?” and “What can I do if my tenant stops paying rent?”

These topics were quite technical, so each article needed to be written by someone familiar with local rental laws and the economic situation in each market.

Mauro decided to hire VeraContent for this project because it would mean keeping all the content for every language in one place.

Mauro emphasizes that quality content is essential, and it goes way beyond SEO:

“If you land on a website for the first time and see a typo or mistake, you’re not going to send €1,000 to reserve an apartment,” Mauro said. “High-quality content shows people that they’re on a page with professionals behind it.”

Spotahome’s story

A rising star in Europe’s startup scene, Spotahome is an innovative online housing rental platform. By featuring 360º images, videos, and detailed information on each property, it allows users to book remotely with total confidence, eliminating the need for in-person viewings.

Founded in Spain in 2014, the globally minded company has acted like a multinational from the start.

Spotahome’s official language has always been English. This has proved crucial for attracting international talent and reaching its original target audience: foreigners who are moving to a new city to work or study for a month or more.

However, now about half of Spotahome’s tenant users are people looking for accommodation in their own city. Well-ranking, localized content that’s both original and specific to each market has become increasingly important.

Since its founding, the company has raised more than $60 million in venture capital, and now has more than 300 staff members at its Madrid headquarters and regional offices.


High-quality content shows people that they’re on a page with professionals behind it.

Mauro Agatone

 SEO specialist at Spotahome

The outcome

After just three months of working with VeraContent, Spotahome saw a 30% increase in traffic to sections of the website tailored to landlords. It’s also now ranked higher for several of its target keywords in all six languages.

“For me, it would be a lot more work—and practically impossible alongside my technical SEO tasks—to hire local freelancers for each language,” Mauro said. “The people at VeraContent know what I want, they’re very clear in their communication, and the content they produce is perfect in every language.”

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Speaking to local B2B audiences

How Signaturit is using thought leadership to expand its digital signature business to new European markets


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Signaturit has positioned itself as the leading digital signature company in Europe by producing informative and well-researched content.

When the in-house team can’t meet all the company’s content needs, they turn to VeraContent for help with creating and localizing reports, blog posts and client stories in English, Spanish and French.

Since hiring VeraContent, Signaturit has accomplished quite a bit:


followers on its new French LinkedIn page


revenue in 2019


on The Financial Times’ list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

The Challenge

Signaturit has already managed to establish itself as the most important player in the digital contract niche in Spain. Now the challenge is taking that success abroad.

Signaturit’s main competitors are in the U.S., but it has a competitive advantage in Europe, where digital contract laws are more protective than anywhere else in the world.

It gathers biometric information such as your digital signature’s trace, the speed at which you write, your location and the type of device you’re using—it even records the amount of hand pressure you use while writing. The result is a signature that’s much more secure than traditional pen and ink.

Even so, one big competitor for Signaturit is plain old paper. Many people are still attached to the idea of physical signatures as proof that something’s real and valid—despite the fact that the digital format offers much more evidence and security.

That’s why educating people through quality content is essential to Signaturit’s success. It aims to help prospects navigate the cultural transition to digital signatures by explaining the benefits of this technology.

By 2019, Signaturit had already placed a strong emphasis on content marketing. Its successful blog contained a lot of legal and technical explanations, which were even used internally to guide employees through complex topics.

The company chose to amplify that strategy by targeting B2B profiles, making thought leadership even more essential to distinguish it as a trusted expert.

Signaturit also began doing more research, prioritizing SEO consistency, being more purposeful in choosing target keywords, and thinking more about the specific words potential customers use at different stages of the funnel. It zeroed in on location and focused on different campaigns for each region—creating a new need for cultural localization.

Finally, the company increased the amount and variety of its content. In addition to blog posts, it started regularly producing client stories, webinars, commercial presentations, paid and organic social media content, landing pages, and occasionally market research reports.  

Signaturit's story

Barcelona-based digital signature company Signaturit came onto the scene in 2013, and has already changed the way thousands of people sign documents.

In the past few years the company has grown exponentially, attracting multinational clients and establishing an impressive portfolio.

The company boasts more than 10,000 clients from 40 countries, including major organizations like EY, Gartner, Decathlon and Manpower. To date, Signaturit has raised over €10 million in venture capital funding and is currently focusing on expansion into France.

One of the keys to Signaturit’s success has been positioning itself as a thought leader in Europe by providing high-quality educational content to its followers.

Our solution

Much of Signaturit’s content is created by an in-house team of linguists. However, sometimes they don’t have enough capacity or the specific expertise to meet all the company’s content needs. That’s when they reach out to VeraContent to produce content in their three working languages: English, Spanish and French.

When Signaturit entered the French market in 2019, it needed a lot of content in the local language—including client stories and how-to videos explaining its software. We helped the company rise to the occasion by working with native French-speaking writers and translators to create exceptional localized content.

We’ve also worked with Signaturit to periodically produce content in different languages as needs arise. For example, we’ve created an original market research report in German and a variety of custom content in Italian.


Anyone who works in B2B understands how essential it is to have quality content. It’s not optional—it’s just something that you need to have.

Conrado Lamas

Head of Marketing at Signaturit

The outcome

Since the start of its collaboration with VeraContent, Signaturit has been able to organically attract more than 1,000 followers on its French LinkedIn page in a matter of months; double its revenue in 2019; and earn a spot on The Financial Times’ list of Europe’s fastest growing companies.

Our clients at Signaturit say that working with a content partner gives them flexibility. Otherwise, their team would have to find writers in each language and evaluate their quality. All that production takes time and work: receiving the material, reviewing it, editing it, meeting deadlines. That’s where the value of VeraContent’s services lie.

“We say, ‘We need this, by this deadline, with great quality.’ Boom! The next day we have it. That’s exactly what we need.”

Want to see what we created for Signaturit?

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