Nowadays, content marketers often get caught up in producing highly SEO-optimized content to drive as much traffic to our websites as possible. But this isn’t the most effective way to reach our audiences. Instead, we should focus more on providing meaningful content.

Mickael Bensassi, marketing manager at greatcontent in Berlin, and Vikrant Agrawal, one of the organization’s co-CEOs, both started working together at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Combining their experience in marketing and business development, the duo have been integral in the success of greatcontent’s online platform, which provides users with a talent database of 30,000 linguists working all over the world.

In today’s episode, Mickael and Vikrant join Kyler Canastra to discuss the importance of creating content that is more than just SEO keywords, and how companies and brands need to engage their audiences with content that is worthwhile. They also explain why it’s essential to have the right team behind your content—especially linguists who live and work in your target market.

You can watch the full conversation in the video above or on YouTube, and listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify.

Rapid-fire recs  

  • Preferred work tools: Slack, Freshdesk and Google Workspace (formally G-Suite): “We try to keep our tools simple. If things work smoothly, everybody’s able to work efficiently.” – Mickael Bensassi
  • Preferred platforms:
    • Amazon AWS Certifications & HubSpot Academy: “Nowadays, a lot of the bigger platforms have great courses. Amazon and Hubspot have quite interesting certifications. There are a lot of great skill-building courses out there.”
    • Greatcontent: “This online platform for the creation of SEO-optimized ecommerce and B2B content offers a network of 30,000 linguists who write, edit and translate texts in 30 languages.”

“Keywords should not be our only focus or priority. We’ve seen in the past, people providing briefing materials which asked for a lot of keywords. But it’s our job to tell them it’s more important to have a well-written piece of content.”

Mickael Bensassi

 “For someone starting in content marketing, I’d tell them that now is a great time to start out. During the pandemic, people have become more accessible—it’s really easy to get into contact with anyone. Take advantage.”

Vikrant Agrawal

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