Hristos Fleturis knows the ins and outs of creating winning strategies on YouTube, thanks to five years’ working as global social media manager at Red Bull Media House. Just recently, Hristos started working at Scott Sports, where he’s now combining his passion for cycling in his current role as digital marketing manager for the company’s bike division

In today’s episode, Hristos shares key tips for successful YouTube marketing. The most important step is having a clear story to tell your audience. Then, have fun with it! Enjoy coming up with ideas and sharing your videos, from creating the title to designing the thumbnail.

Tune in as Hristos chats with Shaheen Samavati about what he’s learned throughout his digital marketing career and his experience living all across Europe. He was born in Greece, raised in Romania, is now based in Switzerland, and has worked and studied in several other European countries. Hristos also talks about his belief that balancing work with what you love doing is essential, as is getting fresh air and taking breaks.

You can watch the full conversation in the video above or on YouTube, and listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify.

Rapid-fire recs  

  • Recommended reading: 
    • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. “It’s an interesting perspective on humanity. And I find it really interesting to apply the lessons from this book and try to understand why marketing works the way it does now, and what we’re doing inside this digital life.”
    • Anything by Jack Kerouac. “He offers an interesting perspective on life. Sometimes it’s good to move away from all this nine-to-five sort of stress.”
  • Productivity hack: 
    • Cycling and being outdoors as much as possible. “Try to be outside and don’t get lost in the social digital life too much, especially these days when it’s easy to work from home and never disconnect. Even if it’s a five-minute break to do something completely different, like sitting on the grass, just do it.” 
    • Starting each week by listening to a new podcast, especially on topics unrelated to content marketing. “I do this just to learn new things.”
  • Source of inspiration: 
    • Lael Wilcox, world-renowned ultra-endurance cyclist. “She’s one of the best ultra-endurance cyclists out there. I would totally recommend checking her Instagram and everything. The way she grasps life and combines that with cycling, along with the things she’s done for the community, is a source of motivation for me.”
  • Favorite app: Clubhouse. “I like trying to get into random rooms and listening to anything.”

“Keep an open mind and have fun creating content, because eventually things are going to work out.”

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