Egypt-native Nermeen Habashy’s journey to SEO started with her own experience of Googling to find information. After graduating from Helwan University in Cairo with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management, Nermeen started her career as a freelance content strategist for 

After working in the industry for some time, Nermeen started asking herself, “What’s the next step in content marketing?” This search—on Google—led her to SEO optimization, where she dove headfirst into understanding how best to use keywords to attract customers. Now, Nermeen heads up the content quality and SEO teams at B.TECH, the largest electronics retailer in Egypt.

Part of Nermeen’s role at B.TECH is leading two separate teams—one focused on quality assurance and the other on SEO. Since high-quality content and SEO go hand in hand, both teams focus on creating quality content based on the customer and where they are in their buying journey with the brand.

Tune in as Nermeen chats with Kyler Canastra about the importance of high-quality content for SEO, a list of resources for learning about SEO and the challenges that come with targeting different markets in the Middle East, as well as her sources of inspiration.

“Learning has no age. Don’t be afraid of learning from someone older or younger than you are.”

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Rapid-fire recs  

  • Source of inspiration: 
    • LinkedIn: “I use LinkedIn and other platforms that provide news about e-commerce, not only relating to content and SEO, in order to know what’s new and how the industry is moving forward.”
    • Mark Zuckerberg
    • Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC
    • Her grandfather: “He was a historian and kept on learning until he was 90. Before he passed, he was trying to learn Spanish.”

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