After graduating from university in Sao Paulo, Allan Formigoni took a gap year to travel and set off to Australia. Little did he know, he was embarking on a life-changing experience that would completely transform his perspective on the world. When Allan returned home two years later, he wanted to give more people the opportunity to travel, like he had.

That’s why Allan became a founding team member of Worldpackers, an online marketplace for people to find truly authentic travel experiences. Allan helped launch the company from the ground up—learning about every aspect of the business—and eventually became head of content and SEO.

During this interview, Allan explains how Worldpackers sourced content from its very own travelers, training them to write and share their local insights. At first, Worldpackers only shared content in English, but when they translated their content into Portuguese and Spanish, they saw a major increase in website traffic and conversions—due to SEO and human connection, he says.

Recently, Allan moved to Lisbon, Portugal, and is now working remotely as content and email marketing manager at WeTravel, an Amsterdam-based payment platform for travel companies, where he launched the WeTravel Academy

Tune in to the full conversation as Allan chats with Kyler Canastra—who also just moved to Lisbon—about his shift from Latin America to Europe and the differences between B2C and B2B content. 

Allan also shares great tips on managing large-scale multilingual content operations, why B2B content should focus on providing in-depth knowledge to your audience, and how to train new writers.

“First you’re a marketer and then you’re a writer. Writers really need to focus on marketing strategy in order to excel in their careers. You can’t just write about whatever you feel like; you need to make sure there’s a strategy behind your content.”

You can watch the full conversation in the video above or on YouTube, and listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify.

Rapid-fire recs  

  • Habits for success
    • Knowing how to manage your time really well, especially now that we’re all working from home.
    • Reading up on your industry as much as possible. Even though you can’t become an expert on every single area of marketing, knowing about different areas is really helpful, especially so you can speak the same language with different departments.
    • Not being afraid to ask people for help, for example, by reaching out to people on LinkedIn in your industry. You’ll be surprised how nice people are.

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  • Learning resources:
    • Ahrefs blog for specific, SEO-related content.
    • Animalz blog. “They have really amazing courses and do really good content marketing, so I would definitely recommend them. I often reference them to see what they’re doing.” 
    • First Round Review. “​​I love the First Round Review. They have this great blog with a lot of resources, and the way they interview their guests is amazing. It’s definitely something I refer to when I’m thinking about our content strategy.”

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