IE Business School

Spanish/English Translation, Content Creation & Research

IE Business School is an internationally recognized university in Madrid, Spain. We’ve worked with them on translation, content creation and research projects. For example, we designed a nationwide survey on the sharing economy in Spain on behalf of the Global Corporation Center (GCC), a joint initiative between IE Business School and EY (formerly Ernst & Young). After analyzing the findings and conducting further research, we produced a final report in English and Spanish.

For another project with IE, we created a case study on an initiative being carried out by five Madrid museums in both English and Spanish. The study was used by 350 Master in Management students to solve a challenge that applied Design Thinking methods.

We’ve also produced quality advertorials for the school and translated Spanish and English texts both for internal and external use.

Content Creation in English

Transcreation from English into Spanish

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Business Report: Research and Writing

Status Report July 2015 Page 4